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The leaf level of the PK_Orders index contains fewer than 3000 pages, compared to the 25,000 data pages in the table. Here are the performance measures I got for this query: Logical reads: 2848 Physical reads: 1
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Part III
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server and configure it through the IIS Management Console. In case you re running Apache on the Windows platform, I ve included instructions for installing and configuring FileZilla a free, open source FTP server application.
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Collection datatypes are a special case of user-defined datatypes. Collection datatypes support attributes that can have multiple values. For example, you can store a list of phone numbers for each employee in a single column, or you can add a set of errata entries to every row in the COURSES table. The first example (adding a list of phone numbers) is an obvious candidate for using a varray, because, in general, you know the maximum length of such a list of phone numbers in advance. Also, you probably want to assign some meaning to the order of the phone numbers in the list (office extension, home, mobile, fax, and so on). It is probably better to implement the second example (maintaining course errata) with a nested table, because you don t have an idea beforehand about how many errata entries to expect. Also, the physical order of those errata is irrelevant, as long as you store enough errata attributes.
3 . . Now run the site and navigate through the pages . You should see the title of each SiteMapNode change as you page through the site . This is reflected by the display name in the SiteMapPath control . The following graphic shows the site map path control with the modified title:
More Info You can find interesting information about error handling in SQL Server at Erland
Part V
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If you ve done your work well in the story template, you anticipate questions by tailoring the presentation to the audience and addressing the questions they re wondering as you complete each of the acts and scenes. Opening the oor to Q & A is important even if you ve covered everything, people who are making decisions will still want to ask questions so that they feel like they ve participated in the experience. Depending on how you planned it into your storyboard, you might open up the oor to conversation from the very start in Act I, at the end of the rst and second Key Point sections, or after you conclude your prepared remarks and invite audience comments. In some instances, you might even want to purposely leave a few questions unanswered so that the audience will be sure to ask them and engage you in the Q & A. If you re speaking to a large audience and take a question, restate the question before you answer it to make sure that everyone in the room hears it. If someone asks a question about a particular slide, refer to the printed storyboard for the corresponding slide number, and then type the number of the slide and press Enter to go directly to that slide. If you want to show a slide that relates to a general question from one of the Act II scenes, type the number of whichever Act II slide corresponds with the question and press Enter. If you have extra material that didn t t into the Act II slides but you think you might still be asked about it, add the extra slides to the end of the presentation and refer to them if some questions relate to them.
Site maps are a common feature of cutting-edge Web sites. A site map is a graph that represents all the pages and directories found in a Web site. Site map information is used to show users the logical coordinates of the page they are visiting, allow them to access site locations dynamically, and render all the navigation information in a graphical fashion (as shown in Figure 6-3). ASP.NET 2.0 contains a rich navigation infrastructure that allows developers to specify the site structure. We ll cover the site map navigation control in detail in 8. For now, suffice it to say that the site map is a hierarchical piece of information that can be used as input for a hierarchical data source control. This control is the SiteMapDataSource class. The site map information can appear in many ways, the simplest of which is an XML file named web.sitemap located in the root of the application.
Part I ASP.NET Essentials
New to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the concept of option sets that can be shared across multiple entities. This additional functionality not only prevents you from having to create the same Option Set multiple times for different entities which can become very tedious for longer Option Sets but also greatly reduces the issues that can arise when mapping Option Sets from one entity to another. You can create shared Option Sets while creating a field in a specific entity or prior to use. Let s take an example where you want to replace the native State fields on the Lead, Account, and Contact forms with a drop-down list rather than a text field. You will then map that new field on the Lead, Account, and Contact entities. The following procedure walks you through how to create an Option Set and then add a field with those values to the Account entity.
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