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As shown in Figure 7-42, the formulas developed for the range of constants (K12:V23) were also assigned in the same way to the annual result line, in the K24:V24 range . This is yet another typical redundancy of the rS1 method . It s easy to imagine various ways in which the model might be modified in the future, for example:
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Continue editing the project you created in the previous exercise. Alternatively, you can open the completed Lesson 2, Exercise 3 project in the samples installed from the CD. In the Page_Load method for both Default.aspx and Default2.aspx, add code to retrieve the current number of clicks from a query string parameter named clicks. Also add code to increment the value of clicks and store the new value back in the query string via the Hyperlink1.NavigateUrl. Display the value of clicks in the Label control. The following code demonstrates how to do this.
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public abstract class SafeHandle : CriticalFinalizerObject, IDisposable { // This is the handle to the native resource protected IntPtr handle; protected SafeHandle(IntPtr invalidHandleValue, Boolean ownsHandle) { this.handle = invalidHandleValue; // If ownsHandle is true, then the native resource is closed when // this SafeHandle-derived object is collected } protected void SetHandle(IntPtr handle) { this.handle = handle; }
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IChannel defines the basis for channels and is used to define common properties. IChannelSender denotes a channel that is capable of emitting a message. IChannelReceiver denotes a channel that will listen for messages of a specific protocol on a specific port.
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HelloWorld = "Hello World" End Function
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The Prism Library provides multiple approaches to communicating between views, depending on your scenario. The region manager provides the RegionContext property as one of these approaches. RegionContext is useful when you want to share context between a parent view and child views that are hosted in a region. RegionContext is an attached property. You set the value of the context on the region control so that it can be made available to all child views that are displayed in that region control. The region context can be any simple or complex object and can be a data-bound value. The RegionContext can be used with either view discovery or view injection. Note: The DataContext property in Silverlight and WPF is used to set the local data context for the view. It allows the view to use data binding to communicate with a view model, local presenter, or model. RegionContext is used to share context between multiple views and is not local to a single view. It provides a simple mechanism for sharing context between multiple views. The following code shows how the RegionContext attached property is used in XAML.
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The next server Windows Server 2008 SKU to enter the lineup is Microsoft s Windows Essential Business Server. The server setup is actually three servers: one with the management role, providing the primary active directory services, a second one called the messaging server that provides Exchange 2007 and additional domain controller duties, and a third server the security server where both ISA Server and certain edge messaging components needed for Exchange are deployed. The ISA Server on the edge box is deployed with two network interface cards in a domain configuration that are acceptable for smaller organizations for role- and risk-balancing, as shown in Figure 15-4.
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Default Server:
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Enumerated types are strongly typed . For example, the compiler will report an error if I attempt to pass Color.Orange as a value to a method requiring a Fruit enumerated type as a parameter .
Figure 4-1. Execution plan for an EXISTS query
In the Converting the IAsyncResult APM to a Task section earlier in this chapter, I showed how to use the IAsyncResult APM to turn an asynchronous operation into a Task so that it could be used with the rest of the Task infrastructure . Well, it is also possible to turn an asynchronous operation using the EAP into a Task . The System.Threading.Tasks namespace defines a TaskCompletionSource class that looks like this:
unique ID for the object . If you want to get a unique ID (within an AppDomain) for an object, the FCL provides a method that you can call . In the System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace, see the RuntimeHelpers class s public, static GetHashCode method that takes a reference to an Object as an argument . RuntimeHelpers GetHashCode method returns a unique ID for an object even if the object s type overrides Object s GetHashCode method . This method got its name because of its heritage, but it would have been better if Microsoft had named it something like GetUniqueObjectID .
The ListControl class is an abstract base class that provides common functionality for the classes that derive from it. This functionality includes an Items collection, which is a collection of ListItem data objects. Each ListItem object contains a Text property that is displayed to the user and a Value property that is posted back to the web server.
Ruby libraries don t need to be packaged in any special way (unlike, say, Java s JAR archives). Ruby does have a library packaging system called RubyGems (covered in the next section), but its use is entirely optional. The simplest way to create a library is to create a Ruby file containing classes and methods and use require to load it. This technique will be familiar to Perl (using use), C (using #include), Pascal (using uses), and other developers. Let s assume you have a file called mylib.rb containing the following: class MyLib def MyLib.hello_world puts "Hello, world!" end end And then you have another file like so: require 'mylib' MyLib.hello_world This program loads in mylib.rb and includes its classes, methods, and other particulars into the current runtime environment, meaning that MyLib.hello_world calls the correct routine. Ruby searches through its library folders in a specific order (and usually the current directory, too, as in the previous example), as dictated by the special variable $:. This variable is an array that can be manipulated like any other array. You can push, pop, and otherwise change the order and directories in which your program searches for libraries. Here s an example of what $: contains on an Intel Mac running Ruby 1.8: ["/usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8", "/usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1 .8/i686-darwin8.8.1", "/usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby", "/usr/local/lib /ruby/1.8", "/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/i686darwin8.8.1", "."] This topic is covered in depth in 7, and demonstrations of several Ruby libraries are offered in 17. A basic Ruby library is also created from scratch in 12.
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