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13: Customer Feedback Systems
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Similar to the way we can filter results in Profiler, the Extended Events system provides a set of predicates for filtering . Most important, these predicates are applied prior to any actions defined on the Event . This minimizes the number of events that the actions need to be processed for . You can execute the following query to see the available predicates:
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Figure 10-14
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The certificate has a valid digital signature.
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However, the detailed decomposition of the data using the equivalence class technique illustrated in Table 5-1 identifies several additional boundary values that haven't been taken into account. For example, the day input parameter has three additional boundary conditions in the maximum range of 31. There are also four additional boundary conditions for the valid and invalid unique date ranges, and two boundary conditions for the output parameter. Applying the 3(BC) formula for boundary testing reveals the test set required to analyze more adequately the potential boundary conditions for each parameter increases to (3 * 18), or 54, as illustrated in the BVA matrix in Table 5-5. Table 5-5: BVA Test Matrix for the Next Date Program using the 3(BV) Formula Open table as spreadsheet Boundary Month Day Year Expected Notes condition 1 0 1 1 28 1582 3000 Error Msg. Month minimum -1 1 28 1582 3000 Next date Month minimum
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The Page s Rendering Model
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Real World
23. Debugging
UPDATE dbo.Employees SET mgrid = 14 WHERE empid = 1;
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