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Persistent Branch Office
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scaffolding, see Jon Bentley s essay A Small Matter of 5 Programming in 6 Programming Pearls, 2d. Ed. 7 (2000).
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Common Security Scenarios
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Creating Zones
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Trey Research is a dynamic organization in an environment where rapid change is the norm. New servers are added frequently, and the names of existing resource servers are often changed to reflect new organizational structures. Active Directory integrated DNS is hosted on all of the company s Windows Server 2003 domain controllers. There is a single forward lookup zone and a corresponding reverse lookup zone. Reverse DNS lookup is heavily used to support the security of the company s e-mail system. Users report that sometimes name resolution fails, and they are told that a server is unavailable. At other times, they are directed to the wrong server. What can you do to improve the situation A. Open the DNS console. In the properties dialog box for each zone, access the Start Of Authority (SOA) tab and specify a new minimum default TTL. B. Open the DNS console. On the General tab of the properties dialog box for each zone, click the Aging button. Select the Scavenge Stale Resource Records check box.
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Active clients do not need HTTP redirection. generate data matrix
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You use the Bindable property to indicate whether a control s property should be bound to data. If you set this value to Bindable(true), the property will be displayed in the DataBindings section of the property grid in Visual Studio. By default, properties are assumed to be Bindable(false). You use the Category attribute to indicate the category (or group) in which the property should be displayed in the Properties window grid when a developer changes the Properties view to Categorized. By default, your properties will show up in the Misc category. For example, you can set Category( Appearance ) to indicate that your property should be shown in the Appearance category in the Properties window grid. (continued)
29. Integration
Working with Data Source Controls and Data-Bound Controls
CRM by simply adding rows in your Excel spreadsheet.
namespace CompanyA { public class Phone { public void Dial() { Console.WriteLine("Phone.Dial"); EstablishConnection(); // Do work to dial the phone here. } protected virtual void EstablishConnection() { Console.WriteLine("Phone.EstablishConnection"); // Do work to establish the connection. } } }
In this code, you see that SomeType s constructor contains code to store a 5 into m_x and then calls the base class s constructor . In other words, the C# compiler allows the convenient syntax that lets you initialize the instance fields inline and translates this to code in the constructor method to perform the initialization . This means that you should be aware of code explosion, as illustrated by the following class definition:
C# allows implicit casts if the conversion is safe, that is, no loss of data is possible, such as converting an Int32 to an Int64 . But C# requires explicit casts if the conversion is potentially
Lesson 3: Working with ASP.NET Dynamic Data
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