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Page 20 Properties Use this command to view information about the current project, including when the project was created and modified, as well as display presentation information such as the title, presenter name, and description of the presentation. In the Properties dialog box, you can also preview the estimated amount of disk space required to store your presentation based on different audience connection speeds, and see estimates of the amount of time your audience would have to wait to watch your presentation based on their connection speed. Recent projects At the bottom of the File menu is a list of projects you have worked on recently. You can click one of these to open a specific project in Microsoft Producer as an alternative to using the Open command on the File menu. Edit Menu The Edit menu lets you make changes to your existing project and to digital media files in Microsoft Producer. The following commands are on the Edit menu. Undo (Ctrl+Z) Use this command to undo the most recent task or action in Microsoft Producer. Redo (Ctrl+Y) Use this command to redo the last undone action. For example, if you imported a file and then used the Undo command to un-import the file, and you then changed your mind that you do want to import that file, you could click Redo to re-import the file. Cut (Ctrl+X) Use this command to move a file from one part of the timeline to another. When you use the Cut command, the file will be removed from the timeline. You can then use the Paste command to insert the file on a new part of the timeline. Copy (Ctrl+C) Use this command to copy a file from the contents pane to the timeline or from one part of the timeline to another. When you use the Copy command, the file is copied to the Clipboard. You can then use the Paste command to insert a copy of the file on the timeline. Paste (Ctrl+V) Use this command to paste a file you have copied or cut in Producer to the timeline. Delete (Del) Use this command to delete the current selection. The current selection may include one file, many files, or selected text.
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Figure 17 3 : Internal representation of delegate chains You ll notice that the Delegate type offers another version of the Combine method that takes an array of Delegate references. Using this version of Com bine, you could rewrite the preceding code as follows:
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Checking Disks for Errors
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Designing Microsoft ASP.NET Applications
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/LTCG (Link-Time Code Generation) The companion switch to /GL to perform the cross-compiland optimization. This switch is automatically set when the /GL switch is used. /RELEASE (Set the Checksum) Where the /DEBUG switch tells the linker to generate debug code, the misnamed /RELEASE switch does not do the opposite and tell the linker to do an optimized release build link. This switch should really be named /CHECKSUM. All this switch does is set the checksum value in the Portable Executable (PE) header. While required by device drivers in order to load, it's not required by your user-mode applications. However, it's not a bad idea to set it for your release builds because WinDBG, discussed in 8, will always report if the checksum isn't set for a binary. You shouldn't add /RELEASE to debug builds because it requires that incremental linking be turned off. To set /RELEASE for your release builds, go to the project Property Pages dialog box, Linker folder, Advanced property page, and set the Set Checksum property to Yes (/RELEASE). /PDBSTRIPPED (Strip Private Symbols) One of the biggest debugging problems you have at customer sites is getting a clean call stack. The reason you can't get good call stacks is that the stack walking code doesn't have the special frame pointer omission (FPO) data necessary for it to help decipher the current stack. Since the PDB files for your application are what contain the FPO data, you can just ship them to your customers. While that rightfully makes you and your manager nervous, up until Visual C++ .NET you were at a loss for getting those clean call stacks. If you ever installed the operating system symbols from Microsoft (more on this later in the section "Install the Operating System Symbols and Set Up a Symbol Store"), you probably noticed that the Microsoft supplied symbols gave you the full call stacks without giving away any secrets. What they were doing was stripping the private information, such as variables and source and line information, and just leaving public functions as well as the allimportant FPO data. With the /PDBSTRIPPED switch, you can safely generate the same type of symbols for your application and not have to give away any secrets. Even better news is that the stripped PDB file is generated right alongside the full PDB file, so you'll want to turn on this switch in your release builds. In the project Property Pages dialog box, Linker folder, Debug property page, set the Strip Private Symbols property to the output location and name for the symbol. I always use the string $(OutDir)/ $(ProjectName)_STRIPPED.PDB so that it's obvious which PDB file is the stripped version. If you do send your stripped PDB files out to a customer site, make sure to remove the "_STRIPPED" on the name so that tools such as Dr. Watson will load them.
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Figure 2 5. The four views used in the Shake Flowella example. generator pdf417
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using System; using System.Reflection; internal sealed class Dictionary<TKey, TValue> { } public static class Program { public static void Main() { // Get a reference to the generic type's type object Type openType = typeof(Dictionary<,>); // Close the generic type by using TKey=String, TValue=Int32 Type closedType = openType.MakeGenericType(typeof(String), typeof(Int32)); // Construct an instance of the closed type Object o = Activator.CreateInstance(closedType); // Prove it worked Console.WriteLine(o.GetType()); } }
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C H A P T E R 12
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Mapping the Development of Values
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Note The output shown in the preceding code is from Ruby 1.8 s profiler. Results from Ruby 1.9 s profiler
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
public static void Main() { // Displays "15" Console.WriteLine(Add(new Int32[] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 } )); }
Test the Solution
From the computer running Windows XP, click Start and then follow these steps:
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