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PassportAuthentication Personalization
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In addition to the substantial performance difference between TRUNCATE TABLE and DELETE, each also handles the IDENTITY property differently: TRUNCATE TABLE resets the IDENTITY property to its original seed, while DELETE doesn t.
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Log On As Network Service
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Here are the corresponding formulas, based on the example in cell S22 (see Figure 9-14): The function =AND(logical1,logical2, ) returns the logical value TRUE if all of its up to 255 arguments are TRUE . That means you can define up to 255 arguments (so far: a maximum of 30) within one AND formula . Only if all of them are true the result of the formula will be TRUE . Consequently, this function is particularly well suited to implementing multiple conditional checks in IF formulas simultaneously . The =OR(logical1,logical2, ) function is the logical equivalent; it returns the logical value, TRUE, if at least one of its up to 255 arguments is TRUE .
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String s = String.Format("On {0}, {1} is {2} years old.", DateTime.Now, "Wallace", 35); Console.WriteLine(s);
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Part II Designing Types
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Managing Network Security
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C ha p t e r 1 7 n U S e F U L r U B Y LI B r a r I e S a N D G e M S
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FIGURE 3-17 List of fields with field security enabled
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FIGURE 5-6 HelloLogger2 usage
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In a master page, you define as many content placeholders as there are customizable regions in the page. A content page doesn t have to fill all the placeholders defined in the bound master. However, a content page can t do more than just fill placeholders defined in the master.
24. Refactoring
File, Public Folder, Printer, and Media Sharing
A. Correct: You can use ASP.NET tracing to view page life-cycle timings. B. Incorrect: This might get the results, but it is a time-consuming effort and will not be as
Boundary value analysis (BVA) is perhaps the best-known functional test technique. Unfortunately, it is also typically misused because many testers assume it to be relatively easy or trivial. Historical evidence demonstrates that a surprising number of problems occur at boundaries of linear variables, so we must carefully analyze the boundary conditions of linear variable data to avoid overlooking boundary class defects. When BVA is used in conjunction with equivalence class partitioning, the BVA functional technique can be very effective in systematically analyzing the boundary values of linear variables for independent input and output parameters. BVA or boundary testing is especially useful for detecting the following types of errors: Incorrect artificial constraints of a data type Erroneously assigned relational operators Wrapping of data types Problems with looping structures Off-by-one errors What is a Boundary Value in Software In the context of a software program, a boundary value is a specific value at the extreme edges of an independent linear variable or at the edge or edges of equivalence class subsets of an independent linear variable. Similar to how borders mark a country's physical territory, boundary values are specific data points at the extreme ranges of a linear variable. For example, in the Next Date program the minimum input date is 1/1/1582 and the maximum input year is 12/31/3000. These values represent the extreme minimum and maximum boundaries, respectively, for the combined month, day, and year variables. The minimum input of 1 and maximum input of 12 are the boundary conditions for the extreme linear range for the month parameter. Many countries are subdivided into states or territories. Likewise, a linear variable can also have subboundary values in the minima and maxima range. These subboundaries are often identified by various equivalence class partition range subsets or unique subsets of a variable. For example, the ECP data in Table 5-1 shows a unique range of 10/5/1582 through 10/14/1582. This ECP range also denotes two additional subboundary values in the extreme linear range of allowable input dates. Many countries occupy the physical space of a continent, but not completely. Similarly, although the
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