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the command are convenient when your application executes inline SQL statements, or stored procedures that require no parameters. Overloads that accept a transaction allow you to execute the method within an existing transaction. If you use the SqlDatabase type, you can execute several of the common methods asynchronously by using the Begin and End versions of the methods. You can use the Database class to create Accessor instances that execute data access operations both synchronously and asynchronously, and return the results as a series of objects suitable for client-side querying using technologies such as LINQ.
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BrowseDisplayMode available here . DesignDisplayMode
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Figure 11-5 Select Keep Files to aoid losing files in the account s Documents folder.
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// Implicitly derive from Object class Employee { } // Explicitly derive from Object class Employee : System.Object { }
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The Code Folder
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Debugging and Deploying
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1. Insert the floppy disk on which you saved the DialCorp profile into the floppy disk drive of CLIENT1. 2. Open Windows Explorer, and browse to the floppy drive. 3. Double-click DialCorp.exe. When asked whether you want to install the profile, click Yes. 4. When prompted for whom to make this connection available, ensure that My Use Only is clicked, and then click OK.
// Declare a delegate type; instances refer to a method that // takes an Int32 parameter and returns void. internal delegate void Feedback(Int32 value);
To update a column of a large value type, you can use a regular UPDATE statement setting the column to a result of an expression. For example, if you want to modify a certain section within, such as the txt_data column value for customer 102, you could set the column to the result of an expression using the STUFF function. However, an update using regular data manipulation would result in overwriting the entire string using full logging, which is inef cient with large values. Instead, the UPDATE statement supports a WRITE method for large value types. The WRITE method allows you to modify only a section within the string and not overwrite the whole thing. Plus, when the database recovery model is not set to FULL, some of the updates using the WRITE method can bene t from minimal logging. Those include inserting or appending new data. Logically, the WRITE method is similar to the STUFF function. It accepts three arguments: @expression, @offset, and @length. The @expression argument replaces @length units (characters/bytes) starting from @offset position in the target value. Note The @offset argument is zero based. For example, the following code operates on the txt_data column value for customer 102. It replaces the string 102 located at offset 9 (zero based) with the string one hundred and two , resulting in the string Customer one hundred and two text data :
By clicking the Shift and Tab keys simultaneously, you can move back to the previous field on a form. These keyboard shortcuts allow you to enter data in forms faster, without requiring several mouse clicks.
ASP.NET Security
FIGURE 15-22 Dialog process that links to two child dialogs
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