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Tip 9: Sketch It All, Live!
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The example in the Pie 2 worksheet includes a solution, or rather an auxiliary solution, to a basic problem of the pie chart . As you can see, the chart compares the annual revenue from 12 products . If this is to be implemented in a pie chart, the default variant would not be suitable in this case because there are four products with relatively high revenue and eight products with comparably low revenue . Depending on the data situation, you could barely differentiate the pie slices for the products 5 to 12, which would render the selected chart type useless . As an auxiliary solution, you can combine the smaller slices into one group slice and display the members of this group in an adjacent second plot area . Note I use the restricting term auxiliary solution because this display makes great demands on the human perceptual and interpretation capability . Two different chart types (pie and stacked column) are positioned right next to each other which both want to provide common information . The desired interpretation is only possible if we first look at the pie and then at the stacked column and then transfer the received impression to the pie again . This may be used for a publication chart, if you want to assume that the viewer will pay careful attention, but I wouldn t use it for a presentation in front of an audience .
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1. Ensure that all calling routers that are making site-to-site connections have a corresponding user account. 2. Set the remote access permission on each of the calling-router user accounts to Allow Access or Deny Access to manage remote access by user. Or, to manage access by group, set the remote access permission on user accounts to Control Access Through Remote Access Policy. 3. Organize each of the calling-router user accounts into the appropriate universal and nested groups to take advantage of group-based remote access policies.
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ion, however, you ll need to supply the Log, Source, and Event ID information yourself. It s more trouble to do it this way, and there s no need. Triggering at Task Creation or Modification The option to trigger a task at task creation or modification gives you an easy way to make a task run the moment you finish setting it up the first time or editing it subsequently. You can use this setting for testing purposes, or by combining it with other triggers, you can use it to make a task run immediately as well as subsequently. Triggering a Task at User Connection or Disconnection The options On Connection To A User Session and On Disconnect From A User Session give you some flexible ways to set tasks running in response to user activities. Option buttons associated with these choices let you specify whether the settings apply to any user or to a particular user or group. Additional options make the trigger apply to remote connections and disconnections or to local connections and disconnections. Setting a trigger to a particular user on the local computer, for example, would enable you to run a task in response to that user s connection via Remote Desktop or the Switch User command. Triggering a Task at Workstation Lock or Unlock Like several other triggering choices, the On Workstation Lock and On Workstation Unlock options can be configured to apply to a particular user or group or to anyone who locks or unlocks the computer.
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The structure model shown in Figure 2-1 represents an ideal . In many cases, it simply can t be implemented in this pure form . Often, this is because the primary data source (source systems) can t provide the data in the form needed to create a complex, versatile presentation . This is only rarely due to a weakness in the software . In most cases, a structural or taskspecific problem or an organizational deficiency is at play . So far, so bad! But problems of the kind listed earlier may also occur in data-processing systems that have an efficient and sound structure and are well organized . The following problems are frequently encountered by anyone hoping to create multi-variable or scenariospecific charts when checking the data in the source systems:
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Figure 2-21
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Handing Out Handouts
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OK, we ve seen our Hello World HTML5 app running on our desktop. Now let s try it out on our handset. First, we need to serve up the HTML from a server and not from a local file. (We ll look at using local files on a handset later in this chapter, but for now let s try it from a server like a traditional web page.) So throw hworld.html on a web server and let s try it from a handset. There is one problem, though. Nokia s support of HTML5 is based on support of QtWebKit. Nokia is committed to making QtWebKit the default platform browser moving forward, but at the time this book is written the N900 s browser is based on the Gecko rendering engine, and the Symbian platform browser is based on an older version of WebKit. This means that we need to build our own version of QtWebKit and install it on a handset. (Note that the Gecko rendering engine does in fact support most important HTML5 features. But for consistency we want to use QtWebKit for both platforms we are targeting.) Eventually this step won t be required and the platform browser that ships with the handset will run HTML5 apps without problem. For now, the easiest way to build a QtWebKit browser is to build the fancybrowser example application that comes with the Nokia Qt SDK. To begin, browse to the directory C:\NokiaQtSDK\Examples\4.6\webkit (or similar). Here there are several interesting QtWebKit examples. Open the file in the fancybrowser directory. Build the application just like any other Qt app as described earlier in this book. For Symbian make sure your bearer management is properly established as described earlier in 5.
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How Do I Use the Exception Handling Block
Would you guess that these lines are faster or slower than the following 10 lines that do the same job
Circumventing Unsupported Logical Phases
See the "Inspecting Parameters" section for more information. See the "Late Binding" section for more information.
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