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Figure 11-4. The Configuration screen holds the parameters for all of the global VirtueMart settings.
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Another key value of Test Excellence is simply in communicating what they know and discover. There is tremendous value in sharing relevant information in a large community. Some of the communication coming from the Test Excellence team includes the following: A monthly test newsletter for all testers at Microsoft includes information on upcoming events, status of MSTLT initiatives, and announcements relevant to the test discipline. University relationships are discussed, including reviews on test and engineering curriculum as well as general communications with department chairs and professors who teach quality and testing courses in their programs. The Microsoft Tester Center ( much like this book intends to provide an inside view into the testing practices and approaches used by Microsoft testers. This site, launched in late 2007, is growing quickly. Microsoft employees currently create most of the content, but industry testers provide a growing portion of the overall site content and are expected to become larger contributors in the future. Working Together The Engineering Excellence group recently remodeled their office space to include team rooms for each of the discipline-focused "Excellence" groups. Microsoft's policy of supplying individual offices to engineers is well known, and Peopleware, [8] DeMarco and Lister's seminal text on productivity among software engineers, explains how and why private offices for engineers increase productivity. Why would Microsoft change their ways and make a "cube farm" In the case of Engineering Excellence, the decision was almost purely experimental. Agile software development practitioners talk about the necessity for collaboration that a team room provides, but I've also met many people who would rather work in a treehouse than in a shared office. The work that our team performs does have some collaborative aspects, but certainly can't be considered as collaborative as a software product. Nevertheless, in May of 2006, just a few days before the remodel was to begin, we packed and moved to a temporary office; then, moved back into our new team room a few months later. I don't know if any of us knew completely what to expect, but overall, I think we were all pleasantly surprised. I think the biggest benefit is that we have nearly 1,000 square feet of space dispersed between six of us. Given the nature of our jobs, it seems even bigger because, outside of team meetings, it's extremely rare that we are all in the office at the same time. We also have flexibility if we were to add one more person to the team, we could make some small modifications and find room for that person easily. We have couches, chairs, a ceiling-mounted projector, an Xbox, and an espresso machine. Almost every wall is usable as a whiteboard, and we've hung whiteboards on most of those that aren't. Most of the workspaces sit along a wall of windows. Figure 16-1 shows the current configuration of our room.
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Implementing a DNS Infrastructure
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Part V
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The second query in the CTE s body (following the UNION ALL set operation) has a recursive reference to itself . This makes it a recursive member, and it is treated in a special manner . The recursive reference to the CTE s name (Subs) represents the result set returned previously . The recursive member query joins the previous result set representing the managers in the previous level with the Employees table to return the next level of employees . The recursive query also calculates the level value as the employee s manager level plus one . The first time that the recursive member is invoked, Subs stands for the result set returned by the anchor member (root employee) . There s no explicit termination check for the recursive member it is invoked repeatedly until it returns an empty set . Thus, the first time it is invoked, it returns direct subordinates of the subtree s root employee . The second time it is invoked, Subs represents the result set of the first invocation of the recursive member (first level of subordinates), so it returns the second level of subordinates . The recursive member is invoked repeatedly until there are no more subordinates, in which case it returns an empty set and recursion stops . The reference to the CTE name in the outer query represents the UNION ALL of all the result sets returned by the invocation of the anchor member and all the invocations of the recursive member . To test the function, run the following query:
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All scopes, including superscopes and multicast scopes Reservations
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6 The Silverlight Browser Object
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} else { discount = 0.025; } } else { discount = 0.0; }
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
B. Incorrect: The Init event is meant to be raised after all controls have been initialized. You
-- CTE with two numbers: 1 and 2 WITH TwoNums AS ( SELECT n FROM(VALUES(1),(2)) AS D(n) ), -- CTE with two binary sort paths for each node: -One smaller than descendants sort paths -One greater than descendants sort paths SortPath AS ( SELECT empid, 0 AS lvl, n, CAST(n AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS sort_path FROM dbo.Employees CROSS JOIN TwoNums WHERE empid = @root UNION ALL SELECT C.empid, P.lvl + 1, TN.n, P.sort_path + CAST( (-1+ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY C.mgrid -- *** determines order of siblings *** ORDER BY C.empname, C.empid))/2*2+TN.n AS BINARY(4)) FROM SortPath AS P JOIN dbo.Employees AS C ON P.n = 1 AND C.mgrid = P.empid CROSS JOIN TwoNums AS TN ) SELECT * FROM SortPath ORDER BY sort_path;
In ASP.NET 1.x, file uploads are possible through the HtmlInputFile server control. This control is a simple wrapper built around the <input type=file> HTML element. The new FileUpload control in ASP.NET 2.0 is nearly identical in functionality but provides a more abstract interface. Both controls display a text field and a browse button that allow users to select a file on the client computer and upload it to the Web server. The FileUpload control does not automatically save a file to the server after the user selects the file. Typically, you provide a button that the user clicks to cause the postback and the subsequent file upload. As the following code shows, using the FileUpload control is pretty straightforward.
Add another event handler to the UserProfile.aspx page for the Page.Load event. Add code to this event to initialize the form fields if user profile values exist. Your code should look as follows.
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