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By default, Microsoft Dynamics CRM sets the sender of the email message as the logged-on user. You can change this value by clicking the lookup button and selecting a different user or queue. Warning Be very careful when using the direct email feature! When you click the Send button,
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8. Remove the legend . Turn the chart area into a high rectangle and adapt it to the dimensions of the plot area (which at this point shouldn t be too small) . 9. Format the column, the plot area, the gridlines, and the axis labels . Then, reduce the width of the chart area and plot area until they correspond to your idea of a conventional thermometer . 10. At the bottom of the column, add a circular shape, and format it according to the column . Carry out the required positioning and formatting steps . This simple image displays only the selected data point of the corresponding average value . That s all it does and is supposed to do . (Make a habit of asking: Do we mean an average value as a column ) Its presentation value is that it primarily looks like a known, common object . However, this is also its main deficiency . You must be careful when using realistic graphical thermometer charts . Their symbolism is strongly based on learned daily temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit . That means values of 32 or 176 degrees even if you don t use degrees as a scale may trigger associations that don t correspond to the display objective and bewilder readers more than they help them to quickly understand the chart . I wouldn t use this chart for the purpose of presentation in our example . However, in a different context and for a different purpose, it may be an attractive addition . For comparative presentations, this chart type is also unsuitable . Multiple thermometers displayed next to each other look strange unnatural and don t have advantages over other types for conveying information .
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34.9 Thou Shalt Rend Software and Religion Asunder
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Figure 9-7 Axis labels with five lines as well as value and rank display
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Appendix D Setting Up Remote Access VPN Connections in a Test Lab
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Procedures for establishing trust can be automated by using metadata. For example, in ADFS 2.0, you can use the FederationMetadata. xml le if you prefer a more automated approach. The mock issuers provided in the sample code do not provide this metadata.
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01-05-1995 01-01-1997 15-10-1998 01-11-1998 01-11-1998 01-01-2000 01-01-2000
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Cryptographic Services
Lesson 1: Configuring globalization and Localization
Note If you have a composite join (a join based on multiple attributes), and you specify at least
User Account Control: Switch to the Secure Desktop When Prompting for Elevation
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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Implementation Guide provides excellent information on this topic. You can download the guide at
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