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Run-Time Information in Showplan
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Lesson 1: Getting Started with LINQ
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The code inserts a valid row into the Employees table and should not generate an error . It prints messages in key locations of the code so that you will be able to easily figure out from the output which sections of the code were reached . Upon encountering an error in the TRY block, control is passed to the CATCH block . The CATCH block examines the return value of the ERROR_NUMBER() function to determine a course of action . It then just prints the values from the different functions to return information about the error .
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Adanced Internet Explorer Security and Administration
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Table 17-4. Default Windows Groups
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Troubleshooting Windows Errors
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The Transfer method accepts two Account objects and a Decimal value that identifies an amount of money to transfer between accounts . Obviously, the goal of the Transfer method is to subtract money from one account and add money to another . The Transfer method could fail for many reasons: the from or to argument might be null; the from or to argument might not refer to an open account; the from account might have insufficient funds; the to account might have so much money in it that adding more would cause it to overflow; or the amount argument might be 0, negative, or have more than two digits after the decimal place . When the Transfer method is called, its code must check for all of these possibilities, and if any of them are detected, it cannot transfer the money and should notify the caller that it failed by throwing an exception . In fact, notice that the Transfer method s return type is void . This is because the Transfer method has no meaningful value to return; if it returns at all, it was successful . If it fails, it throws a meaningful exception . Object-oriented programming allows developers to be very productive because you get to write code like this:
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VPN Routers
Figure 9-5
The only special processing I do when recording keystrokes is handle Alt+Tab operations. Although I could've recorded the actual Alt and Tab keys, doing that might have prevented 611
Composite controls take advantage of these server-side controls that have already been written . Composite controls are composed from other controls . To illustrate the utility of composite controls, imagine you re working on a number of projects with login screens that require a similar look and feel . On the one hand, you know that it s fairly easy to build Web Forms in Microsoft Visual Studio . However, if you run into a situation that requires the same group of controls to appear together in several instances, it s pretty tedious to re-create those pages repeatedly . ASP .NET solves this problem with composite controls . If you need common login functionality to span several Web sites, you might group user name/password labels and text boxes together in a single control . Then, when you want to use the login page on a site, you simply drop the controls en masse on the new form . The controls (and the execution logic) instantly combine, so you don t need to keep writing the same HTML over and over . Note Beginning with version 2 .0, ASP .NET includes a set of login composite controls, so you
At this point, we have discussed the relationship between source code, IL, and JITted code . We have also discussed the thread s stack, arguments, local variables, and how these arguments and variables refer to objects on the managed heap . You also see how objects contain a pointer to their type object (containing the static fields and method table) . We have also discussed how the JIT compiler determines how to call static methods, nonvirtual instance methods, and virtual instance methods . All of this should give you great insight into how the
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