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String s; var sm1 = SomeMethod1(); if (sm1 != null) s = sm1; else { var sm2 = SomeMethod2(); if (sm2 != null) s = sm2; else s = "Untitled"; }
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Group Test Manager, Principal Test Manager, or Director of Test 30 100 General Manager or VP of Test 200+
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining IP Addressing (1.0) 13-1
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Again, Combine sees that fbChain already refers to a delegate object, and this causes a new delegate object to be constructed, as shown in Figure 17-6 . As before, this new delegate object initializes the private _target and _methodPtr fields to values unimportant to this discussion, and the _invocationList field is initialized to refer to an array of delegate objects . The first and second elements of this array (indexes 0 and 1) will be initialized to refer to the same delegates the previous delegate object referred to in its array . The third element of the array (index 2) will be initialized to refer to the delegate that wraps the FeedbackToFile method (this is the delegate that fb3 refers to) . Finally, fbChain will be set to refer to this newly created delegate object . Note that the previously created delegate and the array referred to by its _invocationList field are now candidates for garbage collection .
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BEGIN TRAN MERGE INTO dbo.Customers AS TGT USING dbo.CustomersStage AS SRC ON TGT.custid = SRC.custid WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET TGT.companyname = SRC.companyname, =, TGT.address = SRC.address WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT (custid, companyname, phone, address) VALUES (SRC.custid, SRC.companyname,, SRC.address) OUTPUT $action AS action, inserted.custid, deleted.companyname AS Dcompanyname, AS Dphone, deleted.address AS Daddress, inserted.companyname AS Icompanyname, AS Iphone, inserted.address AS Iaddress; ROLLBACK TRAN
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Part II Solutions
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This generates the following output:
Figure 2-2 Requests for .master resources are received and rejected by the ASP.NET runtime.
Part II Solutions
Use selections on the Drawing Tools tab to customize your WordArt.
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AJAX formalizes a style of programming meant to improve the UI responsiveness and visual appeal of Web sites . Many AJAX capabilities have been available for a while now . AJAX consolidates several good ideas and uses them to define a style of programming and extends the standard HTTP mechanism that is the backbone of the Internet . Like most Web application development environments, ASP .NET takes advantage of HTTP capabilities in a very standard way . The browser usually initiates contact with the server using an HTTP GET request, followed by any number of POSTs . The high-level application flow is predicated upon sending a whole request and then waiting for an entire reply from the server . Although the ASP .NET server-side control architecture greatly improves back-end programming, users still get their information a whole page at a time . It operates almost like the mainframe/terminal model popular during the 1970s and early 1980s . However, this time the terminal is one of many modern sophisticated browsers and the mainframe is replaced by a Web server (or Web farm) . The standard HTTP round-trip has been a useful application strategy, and the Web grew up using it . While the Web was developing in the late 1990s, browsers had widely varying degrees of functionality . For example, browsers ranged all the way from the rudimentary
27 I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations
Managing Computers on the Network
Automatic Highlighting of Limits
if ( UserCommand.equals( COMMAND_STRING_COPY ) ) { Copy(); } else if ( UserCommand.equals( COMMAND_STRING_DELETE ) ) { DeleteCharacter(); } else if ( UserCommand.equals( COMMAND_STRING_FORMAT ) ) { Format(); } else if ( UserCommand.equals( COMMAND_STRING_HELP ) ) { Help(); } ... else { HandleUserInputError( ErrorType_InvalidCommandInput ); }
does not delete custom entity B because that entity has only a referential relationship to the Project custom entity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM deletes the Project custom entity because of the parental relationship behavior to its primary entity Account. Important Parental relationship behavior applies only to one-to-many and many-to-one entity
Right to left. The this parameter is passed in the ECX register.
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