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They only apply to leads, accounts, contacts, and marketing lists. A wizard walks you through the creation of quick campaign email messages. You can use E-mail templates when you send a quick campaign, and templates can include file attachments. Quick campaigns save the group of records to which you sent the message in case you need to go back and reference that information later. You can create quick campaigns for non-email activities such as tasks and phone calls. You can capture response data using the Campaign Response entity. You can send quick campaign email messages to selected records in a view or all of the records in a view, regardless of the number of pages in that view.
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Authorizing Remote Access Connections 10-35
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The ReaderWriterLockSlim Class
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Common Security Scenarios
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Lesson 1
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FileStream fs = new FileStream(...); Int32 bytesRead = fs.Read(...);
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Adding Namespace Servers
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Deploying a Demand-Dial Router-to-Router Configuration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-36
Microsoft supplies a utility called PEVerify .exe, which examines all of an assembly s methods and notifies you of any methods that contain unsafe code . You may want to consider running PEVerify .exe on assemblies that you are referencing; this will let you know if there may be problems running your application via the intranet or Internet . You should be aware that verification requires access to the metadata contained in any dependent assemblies . So when you use PEVerify to check an assembly, it must be able to locate and load all referenced assemblies . Because PEVerify uses the CLR to locate the dependent assemblies, the assemblies are located using the same binding and probing rules that would normally be used when executing the assembly . I ll discuss these binding and probing rules in 2 and 3, Shared Assemblies and Strongly Named Assemblies .
Derived Tables
HR Workstations
By using the direct email feature, you can select recipients in a grid, and then choose an E-mail template that you want to send. As discussed, E-mail templates can include data fields that Microsoft Dynamics CRM dynamically populates with information specific to each recipient. E-mail templates can also include file attachments. You access the direct email feature from the ribbon for entities that support E-mail templates. Figure 2-16 shows the Send Direct E-mail button in the Contacts ribbon.
Each web resource has the following properties:
1 details on naming
{ public XmlCsvReadWriter( string filename, bool hasColumnHeaders, bool enableOutput) { ... } ... } The class has a new constructor with a third argument the Boolean value enableOutput, which specifies whether the class should use a hidden output stream. Basically, by setting enableOutput to true, you declare your intent to use the class as a reader/writer instead of a simple reader. When this happens, the constructor creates a temporary file and a stream writer to work on it. At the end of the reading, this output file contains the modified version of the CSV and is used to replace the original file. A new property, named EnableOutput, can be used to programmatically enable and disable the output stream. Shadowing the Class Indexer The Item indexer property that is, the property that permits the popular reader[index] syntax is declared as read-only in the abstract XmlReader base class. This means that any derived class can't replace that property with another one that is read/write. However, the XmlCsvReader class provides a total implementation of the abstract functionality defined in XmlReader. So when deriving from XmlCsvReader, you can simply shadow the base Item property and replace it with a brand-new one with both get and set accessors. The following code is at the heart of the new CSV reader/writer class. It extends the Item property to make it work in a read/write fashion. The get accessor is identical to the base class. The set accessor copies the specified value in the m_tokenValues collection, in which the attributes of the current CSV row are stored. (See 2 for more details about the internal architecture of the CSV sample XML reader.) new public string this[int i] { get { return base[i].ToString(); } set { // The Item[index] property is read-only, so // use the Item[string] overload string key = m_tokenValues.Keys[i].ToString(); m_tokenValues[key] = value; } } Notice the use of the new keyword to shadow the same property defined on the base class. This trick alone paves the road for the read/write feature. 161
Step 1: Create a Classification Scheme
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