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Ruby has powerful input/output (I/O) support, from the ability to create, read, and manipulate files, through to database support, external devices, and network connectivity. These topics are covered in full in this book (primarily in s 9, 14, and 15), but this section presents a basic overview of the most important forms of I/O.
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VPN Deployment
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Managing Computers on the Network
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Critical update A generally available x for a critical but non-securityrelated bug. A critical update has an accompanying Knowledge Base article.
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By adding these three simple functions, you enable users to drag the image and pan the view of the image regardless of the zoom level. In the next section, you see how to use the mouse wheel button to zoom in and out of the image and thus reveal the images that are hidden when you are at the outer zoom levels.
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Installing JoomlaHacks Joomla-SMF Bridge
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<configuration> <configSections> <section name="" type="System.Data.Common.DbProviderConfigurationHandler, ..."/> <section name=""
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Structure of the Workbook
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Note Resolution/compilation errors (for example, referring to an object that does not exist) are
The GetEmployeePhoto function returns a byte array obtained from a BLOB field. The parameter passed to the function is used to select the right picture. The following code shows a possible implementation of the GetEmployeePhoto function:
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UPDATE T1 SET col1 = <expression> FROM T1 JOIN inserted AS I ON T1.keycol = I.keycol;
This script is interpreted by the browser to instantiate the Silverlight control. Please note that this code relies on ASP.NET and the ASP.NET Silverlight controls to work properly. If you are instantiating from something other than ASP.NET, you can still use the SDK-based JavaScript tools to instantiate Silverlight. This is covered in depth in 6.
// Audit $processor->CreateAudit('PsCheckStock started.', 20200); Mail is sent in a similar way to PsInitialNotification, using a private method to build up the body: // Send mail to supplier $processor->MailSupplier('HatShop stock check.', $this->GetMailBody()); As before, you finish by auditing and updating the status, although this time you don t tell the order processor to continue straight away: // Audit $processor->CreateAudit('Notification email sent to supplier.', 20202); // Update order status $processor->UpdateOrderStatus(3); // Audit $processor->CreateAudit('PsCheckStock finished.', 20201); } The code for building the message body is simple; it just lists the items in the order and tells the supplier to confirm via the HatShop web site (using the order administration page, which you ll modify later): private function GetMailBody() { $body = 'The following goods have been ordered:'; $body .= "\n\n"; $body .= $this->_mProcessor->GetOrderAsString(false); $body .= "\n\n"; $body .= 'Please check availability and confirm via ' . ''; $body .= "\n\n"; $body .= 'Order reference number: '; $body .= $this->_mProcessor->mOrderInfo['order_id']; return $body; } } > When this pipeline stage finishes, processing pauses. Later, when the supplier confirms that stock is available, processing moves on to PsStockOk.
Zone Aging/Scavenging Properties dialog box
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