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Part V
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Figure 30-4 On the General tab, type a name for your new task and indicate whose security context it should run in.
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Contents 29.1 Importance of the Integration Approach qr code reader free
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Protected Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles Me.Init End Sub
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INSERT INTO Sales.CustsWithOrders( companyname, contactname, contacttitle, address, city, region, postalcode, country, phone, fax) VALUES(N'Customer ABCDE', N'ABCDE', N'ABCDE', N'ABCDE', N'ABCDE', N'ABCDE', N'ABCDE', N'ABCDE', N'ABCDE', N'ABCDE');
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On OS X 10.2 and above, the FTP server is enabled through the system preferences. Double-click the Sharing icon to display the Settings window. On the Services tab, use the FTP Access setting to activate the FTP server. Check the box to the left of the setting to enable the server. Check your firewall settings to make sure that FTP connections (generally through port 21) are available on the machine. On Mac OS Server, you can activate Internet File Sharing Server, which supports the FTP protocol.
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The Contacts folder can export data in two formats vCard and Comma-Separated Values. The former is useful for creating business card files that can be attached to e-mail messages. The latter is handy for such things as copying contact data to a spreadsheet table or database program, or for migrating your information to another contact-management program, such as Outlook. To carry out an export, click Export on the Contacts folder s command bar, or choose File, Export, Contacts in Windows Mail. Then choose your format and specify a target folder (for vCard files) or filename (for .csv). If you choose the vCard format, each contact in the current folder will be exported to a separate .vcf file. If you choose the comma-separated format, you will see an additional dialog box asking you which of the source fields you want to export. You don t need to export them all. If you re creating a simple telephone list in Excel, for example, you don t need to include address fields.
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Describe the various IP addressing types available in Windows Server 2003 Convert IP addresses between dotted-decimal and binary notation Distinguish between the default network ID and host ID for any IP address Explain the function of subnet masks and default gateways
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You might expect that performance attributes of systems would have changed somewhat in the 10 years since I wrote the first edition of Code Complete, and in some ways they have. Computers are dramatically faster and memory is more plentiful. In the first edition, I ran most of the tests in this chapter 10,000 to 50,000 times to get meaningful, measurable results. For this edition I had to run most tests 1 million to 100 million times. When you have to run a test 100 million times to get measurable results, you have to ask whether anyone will ever notice the impact in a real program. Computers have become so powerful that for many common kinds of programs the level of performance optimization discussed in this chapter has become irrelevant. In other ways, performance issues have hardly changed at all. People writing desktop applications may not need this information, but people writing software
Two Faces of Review
Lesson 3: Deploying Websites
Outline of a Better Approach
The XPATH expression in the Select element is constructed as a series of paths to XML elements. Let us take a sample XPATH expression:
2 Working with Master Pages
Part I ASP.NET Essentials
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