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For a complete discussion of Device Manager and drivers, see 5, Setting Up and Troubleshooting Hardware .
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points in a string). Boundary testing this method requires that you bypass the loop once by passing an argument of an empty string (minimum -1), and then pass a string of one character (minimum) and a string of two characters (minimum +1). The tests to analyze the maximum range require a string of 2,147,483,646 characters (maximum -1), 2,147,483,647 characters (maximum), and 2,147,483,648 characters (maximum +1). The ToCharArray method copies a maximum number of Unicode characters from a string to a character array equal to a signed 32-bit integer data type. So, although it is extremely unlikely in practical application, passing this method a string of 1,073,741,824 Unicode surrogate pair characters the cArray will appear to have two Unicode code points for each surrogate pair character and the index will increment to 2,147,483,648, which will throw an out-of-range exception.
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Sketching the Act I Slides
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Figure 3-8 Columns that are not columns
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Securing Server Roles
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Figure 7-13. The RSS format is a specially formatted XML file.
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PasswordRecovery This control enables password retrieval or reset for a user by sending an email message or by having the user answer a security question. ChangePassword
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In Figure 6-4 you can see the potential install states and from it you can derive that there are five main prompts that you need to give to the user.
This example is provided in the Lines 2 worksheet and in Figure 3-24:
4 book that teaches problem solving is James Adams s 5 Conceptual Blockbusting 6 (2001).
IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway:
public class Object { public virtual Boolean Equals(Object obj) { // If both references point to the same object, // they must have the same value. if (this == obj) return true; // Assume that the objects do not have the same value. return false; } }
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creating strings that represent hierarchical information such as IP addresses, URLs, or file names. For example:
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