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CREATE PROC dbo.Proc1 AS SELECT col1 FROM dbo.T1; GO
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Part III Processes
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Excel creates an HTML page, not a web part. SharePoint s Page Viewer Web Part lets you move your charts, tables, and spreadsheet pages front and center. You use the Page Viewer to display data from an existing HTML page, such as the pages we created previously in this chapter. You can use the Page Viewer Web Part on any page. If you want to display several web pages on a single page (like a dashboard), begin by creating a web part page. Figure 6-12 shows a portion of a web part page that serves as a sales dashboard.
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absorbed into the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP), but it has left the EPSG moniker intact in reference to the Geodetic Parameter Dataset .
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Tony Northrup
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There is nothing additional that you need to do to configure, set up, or use a CreateUserWizard control. However, you will most likely want to set the ContinueDestinationPageUrl property. This property should be set to the page to which you want users to go after they have completed their account creation process. In addition, you can add your own code to the ContinueButtonClick event to add processing when the user clicks the final step in the wizard. The CreateUserWizard control is a composite, template-driven control. Therefore, you have access to edit the templates that are defined by the control. You can even change and add to the steps defined by the wizard. These features are useful if you want to add information to the user registration process or change the layout of the interface. As an example, suppose you want to add controls to allow a user to define additional profile information as part of the account creation process. You can do so by clicking the Customize Create User Step link from the CreateUserWizard Tasks pane (refer back to Figure 13-4). This will render the entire markup to create a user form inside your page. You can then edit this markup to include your own controls as necessary. Figure 13-5 shows an example of a CheckBox control added to the page.
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Description Both events occur when one of the pager buttons is clicked. They fire before and after the grid control handles the paging operation, respectively. Occurs when the Cancel button of a row in edit mode is clicked, but before the row exits edit mode. Occurs when a button is clicked. Occurs when a row is created. Occurs when a data row is bound to data. Both events occur when a row s Delete button is clicked. They fire before and after the grid control deletes the row, respectively. Occurs when a row s Edit button is clicked but before the control enters edit mode. Both events occur when a row s Update button is clicked. They fire before and after the grid control updates the row, respectively.
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renderUI: function() { this._viewHeader = Nokia.dom.parseHTML('<div class="widget-view">'+ '<div id="accordion"></div>'+ '</div>'); Nokia.dom.append(this.getContainer(), this._viewHeader); }
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When the compute-bound task is done, one of the three continue-with tasks will execute . These tasks are all issued against the synchronization context task scheduler corresponding to the GUI thread, and this task scheduler queues the tasks to the GUI thread, allowing the code executed by these tasks to update UI components successfully . All of these tasks update the form s caption via the inherited Text property . Since the compute-bound work (Sum) is running on a thread pool thread, the user can interact with the UI to cancel the operation . In my simple code example, I allow the user to cancel the operation by clicking in the form s client area while an operation is running . You can, of course, define your own class derived from TaskScheduler if you have special task scheduling needs . Microsoft has provided a bunch of sample code for tasks and includes the source code for a bunch of task schedulers in the Parallel Extensions Extras package, which can be downloaded from here: . Here are some of the task schedulers included in this package:
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class MyApplication { static void Main(string[] args) { System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World!"); } }
Mapped network shares are automatically added to the Send To menu
Team Foundation Build
classes, including code-behind classes, are packed together. This approach comes with at least three drawbacks, as you have probably experienced:
If you select User Names And Passwords On Forms, Internet Explorer always prompts before collecting a new password. The password itself appears on screen as a string of asterisks and is encrypted for storage on your disk. A person reading over your shoulder or prowling your hard disk will therefore not be able to pick up your password when AutoComplete supplies it. However, anyone who has physical access to your computer when you are logged on to your user account could interact with websites for which you have AutoComplete user name and password data, effectively impersonating you. Unless you are sure that no one else will ever use your account, you might want to decline the browser s offer to remember logon credentials.
Routes and Database Mirroring
Figure 9-7. Monitoring your CruiseControl builds in the Firefox browser
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