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Overlapping intervals i1 i2 i1 Union i2 i1 Intersect i2 i1 Minus i2 -------- -------- ----------- --------------- ----------(4:8) (6:10) (4:10) (6:8) (4:5) Intervals that meet i1 i2 i1 Union i2 i1 Intersect i2 i1 Minus i2 -------- -------- ----------- --------------- ----------(2:3) (4:8) (2:8) NULL (2:3) Intervals that have nothing in common i1 i2 i1 Union i2 i1 Intersect i2 i1 Minus i2 -------- -------- ----------- --------------- ----------(2:3) (6:8) NULL NULL (2:3) One interval contained in another i1 i2 i1 Union i2 i1 Intersect i2 i1 Minus i2 -------- -------- ----------- --------------- ----------(2:10) (6:8) (2:10) (6:8) NULL
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implementing more advanced scenarios by using the MVVM pattern, including how to implement composite commands (commands that represent a group of commands), and how to handle asynchronous web service and user interactions. This chapter also provides guidance on using a dependency injection container, such as Unity or MEF, to handle the construction, connection, and configuration of the MVVM classes. 7, Composing the User Interface. Regions are placeholders that allow a developer to specify where views will be displayed in the application s UI. In Prism, there are two approaches to displaying views in a region: view discovery and view injection. This chapter describes how to work with regions and the UI. It also includes information to help UI designers to understand composite applications. 8, Navigation. Navigation is the process by which an application coordinates changes to its UI as a result of a user s interaction with the application or internal application state changes. This chapter provides guidance on implementing state-based navigation, where the state of the UI in a view is updated to reflect navigation, and view-switching navigation, where a new view is created and displayed in a region. 9, Communicating Between Loosely Coupled Components. This chapter discusses the various options for communicating between components in different modules, using commanding, the event aggregator, region context, and shared services. 10, Sharing Code Between Silverlight and WPF. Multi-targeted code is used to target two different platforms with largely the same code base. In this topic, the targeted technologies are WPF and Silverlight. This chapter helps you understand what multi-targeting is and its advantages and disadvantages. Prism provides the Project Linker tool to help you to automatically create and maintain links from a source project to a target project to share code that is common between Silverlight and WPF. 11, Deploying Prism Applications. This chapter addresses deployment considerations for Prism WPF and Silverlight applications. Appendix A, Glossary. This appendix provides a concise summary of the terms, concepts, design patterns, and capabilities provided by Prism. Appendix B, Patterns in the Prism Library. This appendix describes the software design patterns applied in the Prism Library and the Stock Trader RI. This topic primarily targets architects and developers who want to become familiar with the patterns used to address the challenges in building composite applications. Appendix C, Prism Library. This appendix provides an overview of the Prism Library. The following topics are included with the Prism download and on MSDN: Appendix D, Upgrading from Previous Versions. This appendix discusses what you need to know if you are upgrading from previous versions of Prism.
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Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties. Select Use The Following IP Address, as shown in Figure 23-13.
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/// <summary> /// Render control to output parameter specified. /// </summary> /// <param name="output"> The HTML writer /// to write out to </param> protected override void Render(HtmlTextWriter output) {
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Description Indicates the text for the link to the next row in the details view on mobile devices Indicates the text for the link to the previous row in the details view on mobile devices Indicates the text for the link to the summary view when the control is rendering on a mobile device Indicates the gridline style for the control Indicates the horizontal alignment of the control on the page Indicates the text to render in the control when it s bound to an empty data source Gets a reference to the PagerSettings object that lets you set the properties of the pager buttons Indicates whether the footer row is displayed Indicates whether the header row is displayed pdf417 free
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IISVERSION >= "#7" (check for IIS 4.0 or later) Version9X <= 490 (check for Windows Me or earlier)
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Tip As we will discuss later, the component s Managed Properties functionality dictates the
Sharing Files and Folders from Any Folder
Implementing Identity and Access (IDA) Control Using Active Directory
Implicitly Typed Local Variables
Field label indicator on form
Figure 6-12 The layout grid helps you when composing the overall effect .
Instead of using the C# compiler, you might want to create assemblies using the Assembly Linker utility, AL.exe. The Assembly Linker is useful if you want to create an assembly consisting of modules built from different compilers (if your compiler doesn t support the equivalent of C# s /addmodule switch) or perhaps if you just don t know your assembly packaging requirements at build time. You can also use AL.exe to build resource only assemblies (called satellite assemblies, which I ll talk about again later in the chapter), which are typically used for localization purposes. The AL.exe utility can produce an EXE or a DLL PE file that contains nothing but a manifest describing the types in other modules. To understand how AL.exe works, let s change the way the JeffTypes.dll assembly is built:
Figure 12-15 The chart is edited in the usual way .
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