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4. Which of the following network features does not rely on a Public Key Infrastruc ture a. IPSec b. File sharing c. SSL
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Add filter filterlist= telnet computer2
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Clients call Web services in the same way they make HTTP requests for Web pages through the HTTP GET and POST requests . When the request reaches the server, it becomes the server s job to unpack the parameters, place them on a real or virtual call stack, and finally invoke the correct method . Most of the work required to make a method call through HTTP is well understood and consistent and can be pushed down into the WebService class . As discussed in 2, the endpoint for all HTTP requests destined for ASP .NET is a class implementing IHttpHandler . IHttpHandler is a simple interface, including a mere two methods . However, any class implementing that interface qualifies to participate in the HTTP pipeline as an HTTP handler . This chapter describes the interface in detail shortly . HTTP handlers are simply classes that implement IHttpHandler (just as HTTP modules are classes implementing IHttpModule) . Handlers are listed inside web .config . As with the HTTP modules, ASP .NET comes out of the box with several HTTP handlers (for implementing features such as tracing and preventing access to sensitive files on the site) . ASP .NET comes with these HTTP handlers already registered in the master web .config configuration file, which resides alongside machine .config in the main configuration directory . So far, ASPX, ASAX, and ASCX files have seemed to work magically in ASP .NET . For example, you saw earlier that simply surfing to an ASPX file causes ASP .NET to compile the file just in time and to synthesize a class based on System.Web.UI.Page . The reason the ASPX files work that way is that ASP .NET includes handlers for that functionality . ASP .NET HTTP handlers are specified in web .config in much the same way as HTTP modules . The format of the handler elements includes four items . First, they include a file name and/ or extension to which the handler applies . This is done through the add attribute . Remember, all HTTP requests come to the server as resource requests the HTTP protocol is built around the idea that requests contain resource names . The second part of the handler specification, verb, is a list of verbs to which this handler applies . These verbs correspond to the HTTP specification . For example, you might want a handler to apply only to GET and not to POST requests . Or you might wish to have a handler apply to all requests . The third element, type, is the name of the .NET type assigned to handle the request . Finally, the last attribute, validate, specifies whether ASP .NET should load the class at startup immediately or wait until a matching request is received . Listing 19-1 includes a smattering of the HTTP handlers already installed as part of the ASP .NET master web .config file .
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Figure 12-3
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Managing Your Favorites
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IRegionManager Add(object view, string viewName); IRegionManager Add(object view, string viewName, bool createRegionManagerScope); void Remove(object view); void Deactivate(object view); object GetView(string viewName); IRegionManager RegionManager { get; set; } IRegionBehaviorCollection Behaviors { get; } IRegionNavigationService NavigationService { get; set; } }
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On the Companion CD Open the file \Samples\0308_Scatter.xlsx on the CD-ROM . Its Symbolism The basic element of a XY (Scatter) plot is the point, whether it is a single one or a whole cloud of points . The point is inconspicuous, but assertive . It can terminate, clarify, emphasize, and subdivide . We come to the point, have a point to make, and sometimes speak pointedly . We can get right to the point, state that something is a moot point, and sometimes even say I don t see the point, which sometimes brings us to the point of no return! On its own, the point can be extremely important, but when there are lots of points (for example, as pixels or dots), it becomes an inconspicuous or invisible part of the whole . A line or an area can also be a collection of points . The XY (Scatter) chart, available in Excel, and its subtypes are used predominantly in science . I will introduce them as such in 11 , Fulfilling Special Requirements . For the moment, I will only describe what some users regard as a seemingly strange application of this display type and show some sample uses . Its main feature: The chart does not have any primary horizontal and vertical axes, but rather two uniform value axes of equal status . In terms of the language used in earlier versions of Excel, this means that no distinction is made between the value axis and the category axis . Instead, two value axes are used .
The Anatomy of a Security Update
When you execute the Windows installer, you will be presented with an introductory screen that describes the Apache server. There are very few steps in the installation. Chiefly you will be asked for the configuration of the network domain, the server name, the administrator s e-mail address, and the selected port (as shown in Figure 3-7).
The following is a description of the settings in the 3-D Format tab in accordance with the numbering in Figure 5-16 . 1 . Bevel commands: the Top and Bottom terms relate to the corresponding edges of the object . By clicking one of the two icons, you open a graphical display of the available edge types . Choose an edge type and, if required, change its height and width by entering or setting sizes . 2. In the Depth category, you define the color of the side areas that develop from the extruded area and the depth of the shape extending to the back . 3. Number 3 is the Contour, where you can set the color and weight of the contour lines of the three-dimensional body . In the vast majority of cases, however, this option is superfluous . 4. In the Surface category, you choose a material type, which simulates a specific composition for the three-dimensional body . 5. You define a Lighting type and rotate the lighting to the front of the three-dimensional shape using the Angle option . In doing so, you can influence which side of the simulated body gets the best lighting .
The Group Policy Editor, discussed in Managing Startup Programs, later in this chapter, is not available in Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows Vista Home Premium. Everything else in this chapter applies equally to all editions.
// public parameterless constructor public <>c__DisplayClass2 { } // Public instance method containing the callback code public void <UsingLocalVariablesInTheCallbackCode>b__0(Object obj) { Int32 num = (Int32) obj; squares[num] = num * num; if (Interlocked.Decrement(ref numToDo) == 0) done.Set(); } } }
Now create a method that overrides the InitializeCulture method for the page. This method should include code that sets the page s culture based on the item selected from the DropDownListLang control. Because you are defining only language, use the UICulture object, rather than the Culture object. Call the base InitializeCulture event after you have defined UICulture. The following code sample demonstrates this.
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
User authentication for both Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) connections is based on Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) authentication protocols. Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP support the following PPP authentication protocols:
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