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Back in the early days of computing, software was written using assembly language . Assembly language is very tedious because programmers must explicitly state everything: Use this CPU register for this, branch to that, call indirect through this other thing, and so on . To simplify programming, higher-level languages were introduced . These higher-level languages introduced common useful constructs, like if/else, switch/case, various loops, local variables, arguments, virtual method calls, operator overloads, and much more . Ultimately, these language compilers must convert the high-level constructs down to the low-level constructs so that the computer can actually do what you want it to do . In other words, the C# compiler translates your C# constructs into Intermediate Language (IL), which is then converted by the just-in-time (JIT) compiler into native CPU instructions, which must then be processed by the CPU itself . In addition, the C# compiler, the JIT compiler, and even the CPU itself can optimize your code . For example, the following ridiculous method can ultimately be compiled into nothing:
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I now wish to take a few examples from the file 0302_Limits.xlsx to explain what we mean by an easy way and also where we already fail when using simple means .
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Create the following GetSequence procedure to generate a new sequence value and return it through the @val output parameter:
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Figure 6-29. After clicking the OK button, you ll see a window displaying your rendered logo.
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// Displays "True" because Color defines Green as 1 Console.WriteLine(Enum.IsDefined(typeof(Color), 1)); // Displays "True" because Color defines Red as 0 Console.WriteLine(Enum.IsDefined(typeof(Color), "Red")); // Displays "False" because a case sensitive check is performed Console.WriteLine(Enum.IsDefined(typeof(Color), "red")); // Displays "False" because Color doesn t have a symbol of value 10 Console.WriteLine(Enum.IsDefined(typeof(Color), 10));
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Often you do not want to treat your entire page as a single entity that is validated as a whole. Instead, you might want to break up sections of the page and have them validated independently. This is especially true for long data entry forms with multiple sections. You might not want the entire page s validation to fire when only submitting a single section of the page. Fortunately, ASP.NET allows for this scenario. The validation controls in ASP.NET provide the ValidationGroup property. This property can be assigned a string value to specify a section of your page (or a group of controls to validate as a single unit). This property exists on the validation controls and on the controls that cause a postback. When a control performs a postback, the validation controls that have a matching ValidationGroup property value are validated. This allows for these controls to validate as a unit. When you process the postback on the server, the IsValid property on the Page object only reflects the validity of the validation controls that have been validated. By default, these are the validation controls that are in the same ValidationGroup, but you can call a validation control s Validate method to add that control to the set of controls on which the IsValid property reports. There is also an overload method to the Page object s Validate method. This overload accepts a string that is used to specify the ValidationGroup to validate. This overload is executed when a postback that causes validation occurs. The Page object also has a GetValidators method that accepts a string containing the name of the ValidationGroup. This method returns the list of validation controls in the specified ValidationGroup.
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Returns true if the UI of the associated process is capable of responding to user input; if the UI is unresponsive, false is returned. Gets a System.IO.StreamReader through which the standard error output can be read from the associated process. The process must be configured to redirect error messages when it is created or an exception is thrown; see "Creating New Processes" earlier in this section for details. Similar to StandardError but provides a System.IO.StreamWriter for writing standard input to the system process. Similar to StandardError but provides access to the standard output of a process. Returns a System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo instance that contains the information used to create the system process; the "Creating New Processes" topic earlier in this section contains an overview of the ProcessStartInfo class. Gets a System.DateTime instance containing the time the system process was started. generate code 39
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The setting that allows users to register without administrator approval can be set either in the Site panel of the Global Configuration Manager or through the Configuration button in the User Manager. When the Configuration button is clicked, the settings available for the registration system are displayed (see Figure 5-16).
Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Network Security (3.0)
Loading Spatial Data from Text Files
Part I:
Analytical Ranking Functions
This standard IP address corresponds to your computer. (The first is the IPv6 address for your own computer; the second is the IPv4 address.) If you receive an error, then TCP/IP is not configured properly on your system. For fi x-it details, see Repairing Your TCP/IP Configuration, in this chapter. 2. Ping your computer s IP address. 3. Ping the IP address of another computer on your network. 4. Ping the IP address of your router or the default gateway on your network. 5. Ping the address of each DNS server on your network. (If you don t know these addresses, see the next section for details on how to discover them.) 6. Ping a known host outside your network. Well-known, high-traffic websites are ideal for this step.
Before I m finished, I want to change a few settings in the Advanced Parameters. First, I set the section and category names so that they are visible and linkable. Then I turn on the Print icon so visitors can print the article if they want (even if most items don t have a Print icon because the global setting is different). The parameters pane now appears as shown in Figure 4-17.
The ternary operator makes it possible for an expression to contain a mini if/else statement. It s a construction that s entirely optional to use, and some developers are oblivious to its existence. However, because it can be useful to produce more compact code, it s worth learning early. Let s dive in with an example: age = 10 type = age < 18 "child" : "adult" puts "You are a " + type The second line contains the ternary operator. It starts by assigning the result of an expression to the variable, type. The expression is age < 18 "child" : "adult". The structure is as follows: <condition> <result if condition is true> : <result if condition is false> In our example, age < 18 returns true, so the first result, "child", is returned and assigned to type. However, if age < 18 were to be false, "adult" would be returned. Consider an alternative: age = 10 type = 'child' if age < 18 type = 'adult' unless age < 18 puts "You are a " + type The double comparison makes it harder to read. Another alternative is to use the multiline if/else option: age = 10 if age < 18 type = 'child' else type = 'adult' end puts "You are a " + type The ternary operator shows its immediate benefit in its conciseness, and as it can be used to build expressions on a single line, you can use it easily in calls to methods or within other expressions where if statements would be invalid. Consider this even simpler version of the first example from this section: age = 10 puts "You are a " + (age < 18 "child" : "adult")
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