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internal sealed class AClass { public static void UsingLocalVariablesInTheCallbackCode(Int32 numToDo) { // Some local variables WaitCallback callback1 = null; // Construct an instance of the helper class <>c__DisplayClass2 class1 = new <>c__DisplayClass2();
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This chapter has covered the steps required to prepare for and perform a clean installation of Windows Small Business Server 2008. After installation, additional con guration speci c to your environment is done using the Getting Started task list, as discussed in 8, Completing the Getting Started Tasks. 6, which follows, discusses Hyper-V in general and describes the special considerations for installing SBS in a Hyper-V environment. These considerations, while speci c to Hyper-V, are also relevant in a general way for any virtualization environment. 7 covers migrating an existing Windows Server or Windows Small Business Server environment to Windows Small Business Server 2008.
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Requiring SSL
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Configuring and Managing Remote Access
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15 Enumerated Types and Bit Flags qr code reader free
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494 ChAPTER 9 Working with Client-Side Scripting, AJAX, and jQuery
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Install IIS
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Listing 9 2. Including application icons, UIDs, and capabilities for a cross-platform application. symbian { TARGET.CAPABILITY = NetworkServices ReadUserData Location CONFIG += mobility MOBILITY += bearer TARGET.UID3 = 0xE1234567 # example UID ICON = ./icon/icon.svg }
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For the Hello From module, the XML descriptor file will include all of the central elements (installation directives, module name, and file listing) plus some of the optional elements (creation date, version, author, etc.) that are used to document the module. The file also contains a single parameter that can be set to display the current server location. Create a new file named mod_hellofrom.xml in the \mod_hellofrom folder, and enter the following code:
from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. However, use it with extreme caution. Data deleted from Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot be recovered without an external backup process!
void OnSubmit(object sender, HtmlEventArgs ea) { string input = (string)_input.GetProperty("value"); string output = "you typed: " + input; _output.SetProperty("innerHTML", output); } Page 253 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:50 PM
Chart of Key Data Over 10 Years
We can see that the logger was successfully attached to the build process, and the expected log le was indeed created. Now that we have covered many details of creating custom loggers, we ll see how we can extend the ConsoleLogger to create new loggers.
Static method
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