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Right-click the object and select Properties. Click the Security tab. Click Advanced and then click the Owner tab. Click Edit. To change the owner to a user or group that is not listed, click Other Users And Groups. In the Select User, Computer Or Group dialog box, type the name of the user or group, click Check Names, and then click OK. To change the owner to a user or group that is listed, in the Change Owner To box, click the new owner.
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If you want to install AD DS, use the Add Roles wizard. For more details about server roles, please refer to 11, Securing Server Roles. To access the Add Roles Wizard, click Add Roles in Initial Configuration Tasks window that appears when you install the operating system. You can also find the Add Roles Wizard in the Server Manager, which is available on the Administrative Tools menu, which can be found on the Start menu.
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The moral virtues, then, are engendered in us neither by nor contrary to nature...their full development in us is due to habit....Anything that we have to learn to do we learn by the actual doing of it....Men will become good builders as a result of building well and bad ones as a result of building badly....So it is a matter of no little importance what sort of habits we form from the earliest age it makes a vast difference, or rather all the difference in the world. Aristotle Good habits matter because most of what you do as a programmer you do without consciously thinking about it. For example, at one time, you might have thought about how you wanted to format indented loops, but now you don t think about it again each time you write a new loop. You do it the way you do it out of habit. This is true of virtually all aspects of program formatting. When was the last time you seriously questioned your formatting style Chances are good that if you ve been programming for five years, you last questioned it four and a half years ago. The rest has been habit. You have habits in many areas. For example, programmers tend to check loop indexes carefully and not to check assignment statements, making errors in assignment statements much harder to find than errors in loop indexes (Gould 1975). You respond to criticism in a friendly way or in an unfriendly way. You re always looking for ways to make code readable or fast, or you re not. If you have to choose between making code fast and making it readable, and you make the same choice every time, you re not really choosing; you re responding out of habit.
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A Richer Design-Time Experience
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s = s.bind(nil, port) s.send("1", 0, host, port) 5.times do text, sender = s.recvfrom(16) remote_host = sender[3] puts "#{remote_host} sent #{text}" response = (text.to_i * 2).to_s puts "We will respond with #{response}" s.send(response, 0, host, port) end
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AfterEndToEnd Iteration
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The sys.dm_exec_cached_plans DMV contains information about the cached query execution plans, with a row per each cached plan. The sys.dm_exec_plan_attributes DMF contains one row per attribute associated with the plan, whose handle is provided as input to the DMF. The sys.dm_exec_sql_text DMF returns the text associated with the query, whose handle is provided as input to the DMF. The sys.dm_exec_query_plan DMF provides the XML form of the execution plan of the query, whose handle is provided as input to the DMF.
Table 2-1 provides a complete overview and comparison of L2TP/IPSec vs. PPTP vs. IPSec TM. As the table illustrates, L2TP/IPSec offers the most robust solution and an interoperable standards-based solution. PPTP offers a more deployable solution because it does not require a certificate system or preshared keys, and IPSec TM is mostly vendor-dependent and not standards-based at all, making it the most pro hibitive solution in terms of overall security and interoperability on the Internet.
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