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If you have configured a different database using the scripts provided with the example, you may find that you get an error when you run this example. It is likely that you have an invalid connection string in your App.config file for your database. In addition, use the Services MMC snap-in in your Administrative Tools folder to check that the SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) database service (the service is named MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS) is running.
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TAbLE 9-7 jQuery AJAX Methods
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To perform an in-place upgrade of your existing copy of Windows, you must be running a 32-bit version of Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed. In addition, the drive on which Windows is currently installed must be formatted as NTFS and not FAT32. Finally, you must have enough free disk space to accommodate the new installation of Windows Vista typically, 11-15 GB. The exact upgrade paths available are listed in Table 2-2.
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# Uncomment following line if your webserver's URL # is not directly related to physical file paths. # Update Your Joomla/MamboDirectory (just / for root) # RewriteBase / ### Begin - Joomla! core SEF Section ###### Use this section if you are using a 3rd party # (Non Joomla! core) SEF extension - e.g. OpenSEF, 404_SEF, # 404SEFx, SEF Advance, etc # #RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^(/component/option,com) [NC,OR] ##optional - see notes## RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (/|\.htm|\.php|\.html|/[^.]*)$ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule (.*) index.php ########## End - Joomla! core SEF Section [NC]
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Provides a default build process suitable for building most .NET applications Build process is based on MSBuild and is highly con gurable and extensible Supports queuing of builds and multiple build machines Supports manual, scheduled, and continuous integration builds Retention policies for removing old builds Integrates with reporting, testing, version control, and work item tracking components of Visual Studio Team System Includes an API for automating, extending, and integrating with Team Build
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Note Note that the appearance of this dialog box changes considerably depending on the rule type selected (in step 1), and may differ from that shown here . The descriptions provided here serve as examples only, but they can be adapted to other variants .
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Although the classical story structure of Act I is the foundation for limitless story variations, there is a more limited set of story types that can help you to frame your own stories. In his book Moving Mountains (Crowell-Collier Press, 1989), Henry M. Boettinger describes a dozen story types, summarized below, that describe various situations that people in organizations might face. Many of these story types can help you to re ne the Point A and Point B dynamic you set up in Act I. Historical narrative We have a history that makes us proud, and we want to apply our high standards to the current situation. Crisis We have to respond to the danger facing us. Disappointment We made a decision based on the best information we had available, but now we know it wasn t the right decision, so we have to try something else. Opportunity We know something now that we didn t know before, which presents us with a new possibility if we act. Crossroads We ve been doing ne on the path that we re on, but now we have a new choice and we have to decide which path to take. Challenge Someone else has achieved something amazing do we have it in us to do the same Blowing the whistle Although it appears everything is going ne, we have a serious problem we need to x. Adventure We know that trying something new is a risk, but it s better to take a risk than to stay in a rut. Response to an order We ve been told we have to do this, so we re here to gure out how to make it happen. Revolution We re on a path to disaster if we don t radically change what we re doing today. Evolution If we don t keep up with the latest, we ll fall behind. The Great Dream If we can only see our possibility, we can make it our reality. No matter what type of story you have, read through these story types when you start writing your Act I headlines to see whether one of them can help you to nd the words you re looking for.
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Click Edit Permissions from the action menu. You ll see the warning message shown in Figure 22-8.
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window.accordion1 = new Nokia.Accordion({ element: '#accordion', collapsible: true, multiple: false, closed: true, toggle: function(event, header, content) { }, create: function() { }, open: function(event, header, content) { }, close: function(event, header, content) { } });
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Avoid magic characters and strings Magic characters are literal characters (such as <;$QS>A<;$QS>) and magic strings are literal strings (such as <;$QD>Gigamatic Accounting Program<;$QD>) that appear throughout a program. If you program in a language that supports the use of named constants, use them instead. Otherwise, use global variables. Several reasons for avoiding literal strings follow.
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':country' => $country, ':shipping_region_id' => $shippingRegionId); // Prepare the statement with PDO-specific functionality $result = DatabaseHandler::Prepare($sql); // Execute the query return DatabaseHandler::Execute($result, $params); } } >
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In the next few chapters, we re going to move through looking at the topics briefly passed over in this chapter in more detail.
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