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Servicename krbtgt the name of the service the ticket can be used for. Since this is a TGT, krbtgt is the only service that will show. Targetname the service for which it is requested. Fullservicename the canonical name of the account principal for the service. DomainName domain name of the service. Targetdomainname if the ticket is cross-realm (meant for another domain for example, the TGT is for another domain in the forest, not the domain the user s account is in). AltTargetDomainName the service principal name or SPN of the service that was given the service context under which the ticket was generated.
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The Previous Versions feature in Windows Vista is a side benefit of the way the operating system now creates backup copies and restore points. With System Protection turned on (its default state), Windows creates a daily restore point that lets you roll your system back to an earlier state in the event that a new installation or some other event creates instability. (For more information, see Configuring System Protection Options, 2.) Restore points are built from shadow copies, which are essentially
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Voltage surges and spikes are often discussed interchangeably, but we d like to make a distinction here. For our purposes, a surge lasts longer than most spikes and isn t nearly as large. Most surges last a few hundred milliseconds and are rarely over 1,000 volts. They can be caused by many of the same factors that cause voltage spikes. Providing protection against surges is somewhat easier than protecting against large spikes. Most of the protection mechanisms just discussed also adequately handle surges. In addition, most CVTs are suf cient to handle surges and might even handle them better if the surge is so prolonged that it threatens to overheat and burn out a simple surge protector.
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Lesson 2: Using Client-Side State Management ChAPTER 3 123
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10 Security Essentials
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Figure 6-14 The options in the Delete Browsing History dialog box leave your Favorites and subscribed web feeds intact.
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Perceiving, Interpreting, Understanding
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In Design view, double-click the OK button on the Home.aspx page to create and open the button s Click event handler. Add code to the ButtonSubmit_Click method to determine whether the user provided a value in the TextBoxUserName text box. If the user did, use the name he or she typed to define a Session variable named UserName and change the welcome message in the master page LabelWelcome accordingly. The following code demonstrates this.
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parameters . They think the compiler should be able to examine the delegate or interface declaration and automatically detect what generic type parameters can be contravariant and covariant . While it is true that the compiler could detect this automatically, the C# team believes that you are declaring a contract and that you should be explicit about what you want to allow . For example, it would be bad if the compiler determined that a generic type parameter could be contravariant and then, in the future, you added a member to an interface that had the type parameter used in an output position . The next time you compile, the compiler would determine that the type parameter should be invariant, but all code sites that reference the other members might now produce errors if they had used the fact that the type parameter had been contravariant . For this reason, the compiler team forces you to be explicit when declaring a generic type parameter . Then, if you attempt to use this type parameter in a context that doesn t match how you declared it, the compiler issues an error letting you know that you are attempting to break the contract . If you then decide to break the contract by adding in or out on generic type parameters, you should expect to have to modify some of the code sites that were using the old contract .
Figure 4-6 Windows Task Manager is useful for terminating recalcitrant applications and processes, as well as for monitoring system performance.
By defining these attributes, you make the designer aware of your business object s intentions. This can ease the burden of configuring an ObjectDataSource control when large business objects with many methods are involved.
A. Incorrect: Current Bandwidth usually shows the theoretical bandwidth of the
Installation and Initial Con guration
Case Scenario 3: Implementing a Calendar Solution
Triggers for Background Tasks The trigger for a background task could be a timer or a signal in the form of a message in a queue. Time-based background tasks are appropriate when the task must process a large quantity of data that trickles in little by little. This approach is cheaper and will offer higher throughput than an approach that processes each piece of data as it becomes available. This is because you can batch the operations and reduce the number of storage transactions required to process the data. If the frequency at which new items of data becomes available is lower and there is a requirement to process the new data as soon as possible, using a message in a queue as a trigger is appropriate. You can implement a time-based trigger by using a Timer object in a worker role that executes a task at fixed time interval. You can implement a message-based trigger in a worker role by creating an infinite loop that polls a message queue for new messages. You can retrieve either a single message or multiple messages from the queue and execute a task to process the message or messages.
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DNS
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