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To make things easier for C# developers, the C# compiler automatically provides overloads of the += and = operators for instances of delegate types. These operators call Delegate.Combine and Delegate.Remove, respectively. Using these operators simplifies the building of delegate chains. The following C# code shows how using the C# operators simplify the code to combine and remove delegate objects from a chain:
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Run the following code to mark the special procedure sp_Proc1 also as a system procedure:
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The common set-based solutions for this task that are supported by SQL Server 2008 use either subqueries or joins . Here s an example using a subquery:
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22 CLR Hosting and AppDomains
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Figure 8-5
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Page 5 (DV) cameras, and analog or DV VCRs. These features enable you to capture full-motion video either live or from tape or to simply capture individual still images from video. You can also use a standalone audio capture device such as a microphone to capture audio. If you plan to capture audio and video using an analog or DV camera or VCR, you need to have a video capture card connected and properly installed on your computer. Detailed information about capture devices, including instructions for connecting capture devices to your computer, is discussed in chapter 4. If a capture device is properly installed and detected on your computer, you can then record video and audio in Microsoft Producer. The video and audio you record play an important role in the presentations you create; they re one of the key elements that helps turn your standard, oldfashioned slide shows into dynamic, rich-media presentations. Other capturing options include recording video and audio (or audio only) alongside your PowerPoint slides or recording video or still images of your computer screen. Regardless of the recording you want to make for your presentation, the Capture Wizard walks you step-by-step through the capturing process and lets you choose what type of recording you want to make. The type of content you capture is up to you. 8 discusses capturing in greater detail and provides step-by-step instructions for the different capturing options that are available in Microsoft Producer. Editing in Microsoft Producer After you have imported digital media files or recorded the video and audio you want to use in your presentation, you can then begin arranging them in your project. You start by adding them to the timeline . The timeline is the Microsoft Producer workspace in which you arrange the various elements that will appear in your presentation. The timeline enables you to edit the entire project or elements of the project, such as individual audio and video files. When working with video and audio, you will often need to edit or hide some unwanted material. For example, a video file might contain the frantic preparation and last-minute changes that took place during recording. You probably won t want to show this part in your presentation. However, you might not want to delete those last-minute changes because they could be used for a separate training video. You can use Microsoft Producer to trim unwanted video and audio out of your presentation. This lets you hide the unwanted footage from your audience without deleting those scenes from the source video file. Trimming and other video editing tasks you can accomplish in Microsoft Producer are discussed in chapter 9. To aid in synchronizing slides with audio and video, Microsoft Producer provides a timeline workspace. Once you have the files for your presentation laid out on the timeline, you may want to rearrange the digital media files. You can quickly do this by dragging the files from one part of the timeline to another or by using the menu commands to cut, copy, and paste files. And if you later decide that you have a file on the
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Currently, the table T1 has a clustered index defined on keycol and a nonclustered one defined on col1 . With both endless loops running concurrently, there are bound to be occasions where both UPDATE and SELECT statements start running more or less at the same point in time (PT1 PT2) . The UPDATE transaction obtains an exclusive lock in the clustered index on the row where keycol = 2 . It modifies the value of col1 from 102 to 103 . Then at point in time PT3 (where PT3 > PT2), it attempts to obtain an exclusive lock on the row in the nonclustered index where col1 = 102 to modify the column value there as well . Before the UPDATE transaction manages to obtain the lock on the row in the nonclustered index (attempt at point in time PT3), the SELECT transaction obtained a shared lock on that row (at point in time PT2) . The SELECT transaction then (at point in time PT4, where PT4 > PT1) attempts to obtain a shared lock on the clustered index row that is currently locked by the UPDATE transaction . The SELECT transaction needs the row from the clustered index in order to return the col2 value from that row . And you ve got yourself a deadlock! Now that you ve figured out this deadlock, try to think of ways to avoid it . For example, obviously if you drop the nonclustered index from T1, such a deadlock will not occur, but such a solution can hardly be considered reasonable . You ll end up with slow queries and other types of deadlocks, such as the ones I described in the previous section . A more viable solution is to create a covering index for the SELECT query that includes col2 . Such an index satisfies the SELECT query without the need to look up the full data row from the clustered index, thus avoiding the deadlock . When you re done, run the following code for cleanup:
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It requires some effort to ensure that your web site has the highest possible rankings on the search terms relevant to the site. Joomla makes it fairly easy to implement SEO functionality on your web site, and you should take advantage of its features. Despite having to deal with a little complexity in configuration, one of the first steps you should take in optimizing your site is setting Joomla to use the Search Engine Friendly URLs option for content addressing. The sooner you activate this option, the sooner the search engines will have a proper list of article URLs. This setting alone can significantly increase your web presence. It is worth the trouble of configuring your web server to enable this option. So far you have used extensions written by other developers for everything from e-commerce to SEF functionality. In the next chapter, you will learn how to create your own modules and components to add any capabilities to a Joomla site that you might need.
Using Group Policy Results
<my:CustomButton Content="Hello World!" x:Name="theButton" Click="theButton_Click"></my:CustomButton>
2: Managed Code and the Common Language Runtime
Part II Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET When handling the Clicked, Checked, and Unchecked events, the sender will be an object that you should cast to the CheckBox type to access the properties. Here s an example:
Overriding is the same as the default behavior of Java; however, this is not the default C# behavior. The virtual modifier must be used to explicitly declare a member as virtual. When a
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