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required to create/alter assemblies and register routines would be the same for Visual Basic and C# assemblies . To clear the root namespace, in Visual Studio select the Project | Properties menu item, click the Application tab, and clear the Root Namespace text box .
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databases it can support, in part because of the more limited support for ODBC and the fact that very few ODBC data sources have been tested with the ODBC .NET data provider. Because XML is quickly becoming the data language of choice, even if you can t directly access a given data source through .NET, it s likely that data transfers into and out of the .NET Framework using XML can allow your .NET application to interoperate with virtually any database.
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Setting Up a Small Network
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Demo #2 is very similar to Demo #1 . Again, another AppDomain is created exactly as Demo #1 did it . Then, CreateInstanceAndUnwrap is called to load the same assembly into the new AppDomain and create an instance of a MarshalByRefType object in this new AppDomain . Next, the CLR creates a proxy to the object, and the mbrt variable (in the default AppDomain) is initialized referring to the proxy . Now, using the proxy, I call MethodWithReturn . This method, which takes no arguments, will execute in the new AppDomain to create an instance of the MarshalByValType type before returning a reference to the object to the default AppDomain .
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The PRINT command returns master.dbo.sp_Proc1 executing in InsideTSQL2008 . The database name in the printed message was obtained by the DB_NAME function . It seems that DB_NAME thinks that the database context is InsideTSQL2008 (the current database) and not master . Similarly, dynamic SQL also assumes the context of the current database; therefore, the EXEC command (which invokes a query against INFORMATION_SCHEMA .TABLES) returns table names from the InsideTSQL2008 database . In contrast to the previous two statements, the static query against INFORMATION_SCHEMA .TABLES seems to think that it is running in master it returns table names from the master database and not InsideTSQL2008 . Similarly, if you refer with static code to user objects (for example, a table called T1), SQL Server looks for them in master . If that s not confusing enough, static code referring to compatibility views (for example, sys .objects) is normally resolved in master, but if the catalog view is a backward-compatibility one (for example, sys .sysobjects) the code is resolved in the current database . Interestingly, the sp_ prefix also works magic with other types of objects in addition to stored procedures . Caution The behavior described in the following section is undocumented and you should not
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1. From your computer client1, you discover that you cannot ping another computer named by name, but you can ping it by IP address. You determine that no A resource record exists for in the DNS server zone files, so you create one manually. What must you do before you can successfully ping by name from client1
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Let s create a web resource. We ll create a web page that provides a visual cue indicating the lead form type so that we can quickly note that we re viewing a lead. We ll do this by showing a simple green line in the header of a lead record.
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Part V Advanced System Management
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The Microsoft AJAX Library adds the ability to work with namespaces to JavaScript. A namespace is a way to encapsulate code into a library for easier classification and reference. It also helps manage name collisions, because two classes cannot have the same name in a single namespace. In addition, namespaces that you create and register with the library are then available in IntelliSense in Visual Studio, making development a little easier.
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Inner joins are used to match rows between two tables based on some criterion. Out of the first three query logical processing phases, inner joins apply the first twonamely, Cartesian product and ON filter. There's no phase that adds outer rows. Consequently, if an INNER JOIN query contains both an ON clause and a WHERE clause, logically they are applied one after the other. With one exception, there's no difference between specifying a logical expression in the ON clause or in the WHERE clause of an INNER JOIN, because there's no intermediate step that adds outer rows between the two. The one exception is when you specify GROUP BY ALL. Remember that GROUP BY ALL adds back groups that were filtered out by the WHERE clause, but it does not add back groups that were filtered out by the ON clause. Remember also that this is a nonstandard legacy feature that you should avoid using. As for performance, when not using the GROUP BY ALL option, you will typically get the same plan regardless of where you place the filter expression. That's because the optimizer is aware that there's no difference. I should always be cautious when saying such things related to optimization choices because the process is so dynamic. As for the two supported join syntaxes, using the ANSI SQL:1992 syntax, you have more flexibility in choosing which clause you will use to specify a filter expression. Because logically it makes no difference where you place your filters, and typically there's also no performance difference, your guideline should be natural and intuitive writing. Write in a way that feels more natural to you and to the programmers who need to maintain your code. For example, to me a filter that matches attributes between the tables should appear in the ON clause, while a filter on an attribute from only one table should appear in the WHERE clause. I'll use the following query to return orders placed by U.S. customers: USE Northwind; SELECT C.CustomerID, CompanyName, OrderID FROM dbo.Customers AS C JOIN dbo.Orders AS O ON C.CustomerID = O.CustomerID WHERE Country = 'USA';
Figure 2-18. Creating a new Silverlight project 3. Visual Studio will display the Add Silverlight Application dialog box, informing you that your Silverlight application needs to be hosted in an HTML web page. It offers the choices of hosting the Silverlight application in a web site or within a project. For this exercise, select Web Application Project and stick with the default name of Ch2_HelloWorld.Web, as shown in Figure 219. Then click OK. See the next section for more information about choosing whether to use a Web Site or Web Application project for your own Silverlight applications.
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Follow the naming conventions of the language you re using. You can find books for most languages that describe style guidelines. Guidelines for C, C++, Java, and Visual Basic are provided in the sections below.
1 . What control provides the best implementation of a schedule of specific dates 2. You want to create a webpage that prompts the user to input lots of data, and you
custid ------1 2 3 4 5 6 7 companyname ------------cust 1 AAAAA cust 3 cust 4 BBBBB cust 6 (new) cust 7 (new) phone --------------(111) 111-1111 (222) 222-2222 (333) 333-3333 (444) 444-4444 CCCCC (666) 666-6666 (777) 777-7777 address ---------address 1 address 2 address 3 address 4 DDDDD address 6 address 7 inactive -----------0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Changing General Settings
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