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Managed module (IL and metadata)
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You can run these commands from a batch file, or you can place them in a Netsh script file. For example, the script file Corphub.scp runs the following commands for CorpHub:
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Table 3-5. Aggregated Duration by Query in Abbreviated Form
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SET @var1 = (SELECT col1 FROM inserted);
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Adding and Removing Roles
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Print Icon: Overrides to show this item s print icon. Email Icon: Overrides to show this item s e-mail icon. Content language: Overrides to select a language for this article. Key Reference: A text key that may be used to reference this article within the Joomla system (e.g., to link to a help topic). While the advanced article settings are useful in rare instances, the Page Class Suffix and Key Reference fields are the only settings you are likely to change for a given article.
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22 CLR Hosting and AppDomains
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group and set the group type to Security and the group scope to Domain Local.
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The functions associated with the three aforementioned commands are coupled with the zoom slider described earlier . 4. Without reference to the figure: If you wish to show or hide the scroll bars and sheet tabs, you must take pains to familiarize yourself with the Excel Options . To do this, click the Office Button, choose the command Excel Options and then the command Advanced . Then make the relevant settings in the category entitled Display options for this workbook . This set of commands plays a significant role if your work is associated with the topics discussed in the next few sections . Tip It almost goes without saying that the Full Screen view is set for Excel presentations . However, it is almost impossible to work in this view because you can t access the commands you require . As mentioned earlier, it is generally not a good idea to zoom out . Therefore, in the development phase, you must work and think for an area size that you will only occasionally see in full-screen mode . One tip for alleviating this problem is to assign a special color, in the Full Screen view, to the area that will actually be shown later . You can then easily keep an eye on this colored area when you occasionally use the zoom commands . Once you have completed your work in the development phase, you can remove this color or replace it with the final background design .
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Look for a driver name in the error details If the error message identifies a specific file name and you can trace that file to a driver for a specific hardware device, you may be able to solve the problem by disabling, removing, or rolling back that driver to an earlier version. The most likely offenders are network interface cards, video adapters, and disk controllers. For more details about managing driver files, see Managing Installed Drivers, 5.
The UpdateProgress Control
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GROUP BY custid, empid, YEAR(orderdate)
before you begin
Installing assemblies into the GAC offers several benefits . The GAC enables many applications to share assemblies, reducing physical memory usage on the whole . In addition, it s easy to deploy a new version of the assembly into the GAC and have all applications use the new version via a publisher policy (described later in this chapter) . The GAC also provides side-byside management for an assembly s different versions . However, the GAC is usually secured so that only an administrator can install an assembly into it . Also, installing into the GAC breaks the simple copy deployment story . Although strongly named assemblies can be installed into the GAC, they certainly don t have to be . In fact, it s recommended that you deploy assemblies into the GAC only if the assembly is intended to be shared by many applications . If an assembly isn t intended to be shared, it should be deployed privately . Deploying privately preserves the simple copy install deployment story and better isolates the application and its assemblies . Also, the GAC isn t intended to be the new C:\Windows\System32 dumping ground for common files . The reason is because new versions of assemblies don t overwrite each other; they are installed side by side, eating up disk space . In addition to deploying a strongly named assembly in the GAC or privately, a strongly named assembly can be deployed to some arbitrary directory that a small set of applications know about . For example, you might be producing three applications, all of which want to share a strongly named assembly . Upon installation, you can create three directories: one for each application and an additional directory for the assembly you want shared . When you install each application into its directory, also install an XML configuration file, and have the shared assembly s codeBase element indicate the path of the shared assembly . Now at runtime, the CLR will know to look in the strongly named assembly s directory for the shared assembly . For the record, this technique is rarely used and is somewhat discouraged because no single application controls when the assembly s files should be uninstalled .
Figure 8-13: Spec Explorer in action. The upper left pane contains the model program code, given in regular C# with custom attributes. The lower left part is the control center of Spec Explorer, where you can configure various parameters and select exploration goals. The upper right pane is an automatic visualization of an exploration result. The lower right part represents test cases generated from the model and then managed and executed under Visual Studio Test Tools. To get a better idea of how to use Spec Explorer for model-based testing, consider a simple stopwatch application with the following attributes: The stopwatch has two display modes: Current time Stopper The watch has three buttons: Switch Mode (always available) Reset stopper (only available in stopper mode and when stopper is running) Start/Stop stopper (only available in stopper mode)
TABLe 12-1
Create a New Custom Web Server Control
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