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FIGURE 27-5 The Choose How To Restore The Backup page of the Windows Complete PC Restore
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Similarly, the code in Listing 9-18 returns all employees, having siblings sorted by salary, with indentation, and generates the output shown in Table 9-26:
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<asp:dynamicimage runat="server" ImageType="gif" ImageGeneratorUrlImageFile="textimage.asix"> <parameters> <asp:parameter Name="Text DefaultValue="ASP.NET 2.0 /> </parameters> </asp:dynamicimage>
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E xtend an existing partition using unallocated space. If you want to upgrade an existing copy of Windows and you re not happy with your existing partition scheme, you can use the Extend option to add unallocated space to any partition. If you originally set up a 60-GB notebook hard drive with a 10-GB partition for Windows XP and set aside the remaining 50 GB for data files, you ll be unable to upgrade to Windows Vista because your system drive doesn t meet the requirement of at least 15 GB of free space. The solution Back up your data files to an external drive, delete the data partition, select the partition you want to make larger, and click Extend. Choose the total size of the extended partition in the Size box (the default is to use all available unallocated space) and click Apply.
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ASP.NET 2.0 is 100 percent backward compatible, and the source code you need to write for a relatively simple page is nearly identical to that in ASP.NET 1.x. But ASP.NET 2.0 has a bag of new goodies that make the source code of a real-world page look a bit different from a functionally analogous page in ASP.NET 1.x.
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Theoretical introduction to uDTs
For more information about program compatibility, see Dealing with Compatibility Issues, in 4 .
12. Reflection Type x_string_type = typeof(System.Text.StringBuilder); object first_instance = Activator.CreateInstance(x_string_type, new object[] {"C# for "}); MethodInfo x_method = x_string_type.GetMethod("Append", new Type[] {typeof(String)}); x_method.Invoke(first_instance, new object[] {"Java Developers"});
This is the page-specific code generated by Visual Studio to support using the master page:
The code looks straightforward enough, but there are at least three issues in this example. On line 4, notice the use of a remote file share on a computer called test-server. There is no guarantee that this server will be visible when the test runs on a network or user account different from the one the tester originally intended. Line 7 contains a hard-coded reference to drive D. Perhaps all computers that this tester has encountered so far have writeable partitions on D, but this assumption will likely lead to failures later on (D could be a CD-ROM drive or simply nonexistent). Line 19 hides a more subtle but important issue. The expected error message in the case that the save operation fails might indeed be "File not found" if the test is running on an English-language operating system or English-language build of the product. However, a Spanish localized build might return "Archivo no encontr " in this case, which would not be caught by this test. Many test teams at Microsoft use scanning tools to find issues that can cause problems with test code. Sample output from
The contents of the loop header in this example are all related to control of the loop. The inputFile.MoveToStart() statement initializes the loop; the !inputFile.EndOfFile() statement tests whether the loop has finished; and the inputFile.GetRecord() statement moves the loop toward termination. The statements that affect recordCount don t directly move the loop toward termination and are appropriately not included in the loop header. The while loop is probably still more appropriate for this job, but at least this code uses the loop header logically. For the record, here s how the code looks when it uses a while loop:
4 . . Modify the XAML a bit more . Change the FontSize property for the Page to 16 . Nest the following controls in the StackPanel: a TextBox, a ListBox, and a Button . WPF works very similarly to ASP .NET in that you can name controls in the markup file (the XAML file) and they will appear as programmatic elements in the code behind . Set the Name property for the TextBox to theTextBox and set the Name property of the ListBox to theListBox so that you can refer to them in the code files . Finally, set the Height property of the ListBox to 100 so that it will show up even if it is empty:
Figure 11-1: Tracing deserialization events. The application then attempts to map the code to the following class: public class Employee { public string LastName; 405
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