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To make the issue of driver signing even more confusing, there are two additional levels of digital signing to consider. For most driver packages, the only file that must be digitally signed is the catalog file, which uses a .cat extension. It lists the files included with the driver package and provides hashed digest numbers that uniquely identify each file and confirm that it has not been tampered with. For drivers that start at boot-up on X64 versions of Windows Vista, the driver file itself must contain an embedded signature. In addition, any device that is used to play back media that uses the Protected Media Path (PMP), such as HD-DVD disks and other formats that use the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) specification, must have a driver that is signed using a PMP-PE certificate. You can verify the contents of a Security Catalog file by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer.
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12 Solutions: Client Extensions
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Registering and Discovering Modules
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Calling a Web Service
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either PCL or PostScript. Having a server-grade printer removes many of the compatibility issues associated with printer drivers, because even if there isn t a perfect match for your printer, there will be one that is close.
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Settings of the Primary Vertical Axis
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When a server is running you might think you can relax, when in fact, you must con tinue to be vigilant. This section explores how to troubleshoot services to keep the server running smoothly.
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To start collecting data and storing it in the location speci ed in step 5, right-click the Data Collector Set in the navigation pane and select Start. To view the properties of the Data Collector Set or make changes, right-click the Data Collector Set you created in steps 1 through 8 and select Properties. For more information about the properties of the Data Collector Set, see Managing Collected Data later in this chapter.
When you have FileZilla installed, execute it (or open your current FTP application). To access your FTP server, you can either put the parameters for your FTP site into the Quickconnect fields at the top of the screen or click the Site Manager icon (see Figure 2-4) to create a new site. I recommend creating a site entry because you will probably be editing some of the Joomla files and uploading them in the future.
IF @orders LIKE '%[^0-9,]%' BEGIN -- Raise an error
// Return to the caller. The file will compile if you forget this, // but you will cause an exception in the EE. ret }
Figure 11-12 This is how to make symmetrical or asymmetrical value distributions visible .
template includes 10 different attributes. Testers at Microsoft who are interested in test design patterns usually use a simplified template based on Binder's that has the following attributes: Name Give a memorable name something you can refer to in conversation. Problem Give a one-sentence description of the problem that this pattern solves. Analysis Describe the problem area (or provide a one-paragraph description of the problem area) and answer the question of how this technique is better than simply poking around. Design Explain how this pattern is executed (how does the pattern turn from design into test cases ). Oracle Explain the expected results (can be included in the Design section). Examples List examples of how this pattern finds bugs. Pitfalls or Limitations Explain under what circumstances and in which situations this pattern should be avoided. Related Patterns List any related patterns (if known). This particular template provides ample flexibility in creating different types of patterns but provides enough information to facilitate communication between testers using the patterns for test design. Table 4-1 is an example of a well-known test design approach that uses this template. Table 4-1: Boundary-Value Analysis Test Pattern Open table as spreadsheet Boundary-Value Analysis (BVA) Many errors in software occur near the edges of physical and data boundaries. For example, using > instead of >=, or off-by-one indexing errors (zero-based vs. onebased). Choose test cases on or near the boundaries of the input domain of variables, with the rationale that many defects tend to concentrate near the extreme values of inputs. A classic example of boundary-value analysis in security testing is to create long input strings to probe potential buffer overflows. More generally, insecure behavior in boundary cases is often unforeseen by developers, who tend to focus on nominal situations instead. For each input value, determine the minimum and maximum allowed value (min and max). Design a set of test cases that tests min, max, min -1, and max + 1 (note that BVA is sometimes defined to include min + 1 and max -1). Test cases should include the following: Input(s) to the component Partition boundaries exercised
You Can t Cancel an Asynchronous I/O-Bound Operation
Creating the User Profile
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