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Local memory
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In SQL Server 2005, you can use the ROW_NUMBER() function to calculate pos: ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY arrid ORDER BY n) AS pos
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Part IV
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Figure A-8. Cake puzzle solution
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Internally, the WaitHandle base class has a SafeWaitHandle field that holds a Win32 kernel object handle . This field is initialized when a concrete WaitHandle-derived class is constructed . In addition, the WaitHandle class publicly exposes methods that are inherited by all the derived classes . Every method called on a kernel-mode construct represents a full memory fence . WaitHandle s interesting public methods are shown below (some overloads for some methods are not shown):
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Writing an XSLT style sheet to transform a DataSet object into a Recordset object is useful for other reasons as well. First, the style sheet code needed is not trivial and requires a good working knowledge of both XPath and XSLT. Look at it as a useful exercise to test your level of familiarity with the technologies. Second, you can apply the style sheet directly to the binary DataSet object, without first serializing the object to XML. The ability to style a binary DataSet object is provided by the XmlDataDocument class. As mentioned in 6, XmlDataDocument is an XPath document class. It implements the IXPathNavigable interface and, as such, can be directly passed as an argument to the Transform method. (We'll examine the XmlDataDocument class in detail in 8.) Getting the DataSet Object The following code fetches some records from the Northwind database's Employees table and stores them into a DataSet object: string conn = "DATABASE=northwind;SERVER=localhost;UID=sa;"; string comm = "SELECT firstname, lastname, title, notes FROM employees"; SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(comm, conn); DataSet data = new DataSet("Northwind"); adapter.Fill(data, "Employees"); The DataSet object is named Northwind and contains just one DataTable object, Employees. As we'll see in a moment, the names of the DataSet and DataTable objects play a key role in the XML representation of the objects. By default, a DataSet object is named NewDataSet, and a DataTable object is named Table. (We'll look at ADO.NET XML serialization in great detail in 9 and 10.) The XML representation of a DataSet object looks like this: <DataSetName> <TableName> <employeeid>...</employeeid> <lastname>...</lastname> </TableName> </DataSetName> Tip You can get the string representing the XML version of the DataSet object through the DataSet method GetXml. The text does not include schema information. You can get the schema script separately by calling the GetXmlSchema method. To persist the XML representation to a stream, use the WriteXml method instead.
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0 The recursive routine must be 1 able to change the value of safetyCounter, so in Visual Basic it s a ByRef parameter.
Part II Designing Types
Listing 9-2. Data definition language and sample data for the Parts and BOM tables
Adding the exception handling code is the right thing to do, and you must have the diligence to do it. If you re using C#, you can take advantage of C# s using statement, which offers a simplified syntax that produces code identical to that just shown. Here s how the preceding code would be rewritten using C# s using statement:
Diagnostics and Plumbing
Presenting with a Tablet PC
14 Chars, Strings, and Working with Text
Install a DHCP server Authorize a DHCP server Create and configure a DHCP scope, including address ranges, exclusions, reserva
class System.Delegate { // Combines the chains represented by head and tail; head is returned. // NOTE: head will be the last delegate called. public static Delegate Combine(Delegate tail, Delegate head); // Creates a chain represented by the array of delegates. // NOTE: entry 0 is the head and will be the last delegate called. public static Delegate Combine(Delegate[] delegateArray); // Removes a delegate matching value s Target/Method from the chain. // The new head is returned and will be the last delegate called. public static Delegate Remove(Delegate source, Delegate value);
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