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Adding Graphics to the Title and Closing Credits Slides
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Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
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Connectivity is ubiquitous. Most computers are not only connected to an internal business network, but they are also connected to the Internet. High-speed wireless networks and mobile users are everywhere, often exposed directly to the Internet with its vast botnets hosting all sorts of viral malware and spewing measureless floods of spam. Even servers sitting on managed corporate networks face risks from returning travelers who plug in their laptops that became infected while on the road; from visiting consultants and customers who ask to share your network; and of course from malicious insiders who for whatever reason believe it is in their best interests to exploit your business systems. For these reasons it makes sense to consider using the host firewall included with Windows Server 2008 to provide another layer of protection in your defense-in-depth architecture. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security provides bidirectional filtering to help keep unwanted traffic from getting to the services running on the system, and to prevent compromised servers from assaulting the rest of your network. Management of the Windows Firewall and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) is integrated into a single Microsoft Management Console (MMC) console so that the firewall becomes the cornerstone of your network s isolation strategy.
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Part V
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In this scenario, you want to be able to define different configuration settings for the same application that will be appropriate when it is deployed to different environments, such as a test and a production environment. In most cases the differences are minor, and usually involve settings such as database connection strings or the use of a different provider for a block. Enterprise Library implements this capability using a feature called environmental overrides. The principle is that you specify override values for settings that are different in two or more environments, and the differences are saved as separate delta configuration files. The administrator then applies these differences to the main configuration file when the application is deployed in each environment. To achieve this: 1. Follow the instructions in the step-by-step procedure in the section Using the Configuration Tools in 1, Introduction, which describes how you configure multiple environments in the configuration tools and how you define the overridden settings. 2. Open the properties pane for each of the environments you added to your configuration by clicking the chevron arrow to the right of the environment title, and set the Environment Delta File property to the path and name for the delta file for that environment. 3. Save the configuration. The configuration tool generates a normal (.config) file and a delta (.dconfig) file for each environment. The delta file(s) can be managed by administrators, and stored in a separate secure location, if required. This may be appropriate when, for example, the production environment settings should not be visible to developers or testers. 4. To create a run-time merged configuration file (typically, this is done by an administrator):
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Method AddUsersToRoles CreateRole DeleteRole FindUsersInRole GetAllRoles GetRolesForUser GetUsersInRole IsUserInRole RemoveUsersFromRoles RoleExists
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Global application state. Where appropriate in the code or automatically when the application ends.
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Adding Totals
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Figure 31-2 Active (enabled) rules are identified by a green icon in the leftmost column; a gray icon identifies a rule that has been defined, but is not currently enabled.
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Exam Tip
Adding a Workspace
Data Tier
Finally, some visible items don t actually draw anything, but instead accept user events for processing: Flickable, an item that appears to rotate around an axis as if it s being flipped over. GestureArea, used to enable simple gesture handling, such as panning, pinching, swiping, tapping, and so forth. MouseArea, a region that enables simple mouse event handling. Each of these has signal handlers; for example, MouseArea has them for common mouse events including press, release, entry, and exit, while GestureArea has signal handlers for tap, tap-and-hold, pan, pinch, and swipe gestures. Because changing the position, orientation, and scale of items is something you often want to do in user interfaces, Qt Quick defines the Translate, Rotation and Scale elements (subclasses of the Transform element), which you can assign to the transform property of a visible item. For example, the following specifies a rectangle rotated around its center by 45 degrees:
Object-oriented programming (OOP) has been around for many, many years . When it was first used in the late 1970s/early 1980s, applications were much smaller in size and all the code to make the application run was written by one company . Sure, there were operating systems back then and applications did make use of what they could out of those operating systems, but the operating systems offered very few features compared with the operating systems of today . Today, software is much more complex and users demand that applications offer rich features such as GUIs, menu items, mouse input, tablet input, printer output, networking, and so on . For this reason, our operating systems and development platforms have grown substantially over recent years . Furthermore, it is no longer feasible or even cost effective for application developers to write all of the code necessary for their application to work the way users expect . Today, applications consist of code produced by many different companies . This code is stitched together using an object-oriented paradigm . Component Software Programming (CSP) is OOP brought to this level . Here are some attributes of a component:
Figure 21-5 The Performance tab of Windows Task Manager gies you a big-picture iew of CPU and memory usage.
Figure 2-10. Javadoc pop-up help text
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