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Figure 10-22 One number is determined from TRUE and FALSE in the rL1.OptIndex cell .
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public class GreetingServiceClient { public static void main(String[] args) { Resource configuration = new ClassPathResource("com/integrallis/spring/basic/beans.xml"); BeanFactory factory = new XmlBeanFactory(configuration); GreetingService bean = (GreetingService)factory.getBean("greetingService"); System.out.println(bean.greet(args[0])); } } To compile the simple example, you ll need spring.jar (found in the dist) and commons-logging.jar (found in lib/Jakarta-commons directory) in the classpath. If you compile and run the simple test class using as a parameter the string World , you should see output similar to: Nov 7, 2005 11:21:43 AM org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanDefinitionReader loadBeanDefinitions INFO: Loading XML bean definitions from class path resource [com/integrallis/spring/basic/beans.xml] Hello World In the previous example, Setter Dependency Injection was used. Similarly, you could use Constructor Dependency Injection to accomplish the same effect as shown in Listing 6-5. Listing 6-5. Constructor Dependency Injection <bean id="greetingService" class="com.integrallis.spring.basic.GreetingServiceImpl"> <constructor-arg> <value>Howdy</value> </constructor-arg> </bean>
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void HalsteadSample(int value) { if (value !=0) { if (value < 0) value += 1; else { if (value == 999) //special value value = 0; else //process all other positive numbers value -= 1; } } }
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foreach (IBuildDefinition buildDefinition in buildServer.QueryBuildDefinitions("Contoso")) { IBuildRequest request; request = buildDefinition.CreateBuildRequest(); buildServer.QueueBuild(request); }
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Figure 3 4 : Version tab of the System Properties dialog box Last but not least, you can drag an assembly file that contains a manifest and drop the file in Explorer s window. When you do this, the shell extension installs the assembly s files into the GAC. For some developers, this is an easier way to install assemblies into the GAC for testing instead of using the GACUtil.exe tool.
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C ha p ter 12 tYING I t t OG e t h e r : D e V e LO p I N G a La r G e r r U B Y a p p LI C a t I O N
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In this exercise, you create a client for accessing an ASP.NET web service.
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DHCP: 0............... = No Broadcast DHCP: Client IP Address (ciaddr) = DHCP: Your IP Address (yiaddr) = DHCP: Server IP Address (siaddr) = DHCP: Relay IP Address (giaddr) = DHCP: Client Ethernet Address (chaddr) = 08002B2ED85E DHCP: Server Host Name (sname) = <Blank> DHCP: Boot File Name (file) = <Blank> DHCP: Magic Cookie = [OK] DHCP: Option Field (options) DHCP: DHCP Message Type = DHCP ACK
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Page 47 Part of having a clear agenda can mean creating a script or speaking notes. Having brief notes or cue cards about each topic, goal, or slide can help the presenter stay on course plus, it s a good practice to get into for public speaking. Avoiding Distractions When speaking, a presenter should try to keep his or her hands free of distracting items. Many times, a speaker may hold an item and subconsciously fidget with it. For example, the presenter might be holding a pen and clicking the pen nervously while speaking. Keeping hands free of unnecessary objects also lets the speaker use his or her hands when speaking. During a presentation, it may be necessary to hold an object. For example, if the presentation is a demonstration of a new product, the presenter might hold the new product to show it to the audience. In this case, the object is an instrumental part of the presentation. However, as a general rule, only hold objects that are instrumental to the presentation or play a key role in what the presenter is discussing. Though cue cards may be helpful to stay on topic, repeated shuffling or playing with cue cards may attract attention to the cards and away from the speaker s points. A presenter might use his or her hands and make gestures with them while talking. Doing this is quite natural and common, and can help emphasize a point. By keeping his or her hands free of objects, the presenter can feel free to use them as he or she might while speaking in a one-on-one conversation. Discussing Slides, Not Just Reading Them As discussed in chapter 1, you can use Microsoft Producer to import Microsoft PowerPoint slides for use in your presentations. Many times, your speaker may be narrating these slides through video and audio. When creating this common type of presentation, make sure that the speaker avoids simply reading slides word-for-word during the presentation. When the presenter just reads the slides instead of explaining them, the video and audio do not add value to the existing PowerPoint slides. Remember, the goal is to use audio and video to enhance your presentations. A common concern a presenter might have is what he or she should say for each slide within the PowerPoint slideshow. To alleviate this concern, consider adding speaker s notes to your slides when you create them in Microsoft PowerPoint. These notes are a great way to keep track of additional content for each slide, and these notes can be viewed on a computer screen or printed out for the presenter when he or she is recording the slide narration. At times, simply glancing at the notes can help a presenter stick to the agenda and add accurate information to the existing slide as it plays in the final Microsoft Producer presentation.
12. Fundamental Data Types
example of how the simple visual surfaces of BBP presentations offer few clues that there is a sophisticated verbal strategy beneath them, yet the powerful impact of the approach is very real and profound. As you apply simple visual surfaces to your own BBP verbal structures, you ll begin to tap into similar results in your own presentations.
Application Under Include the application or component version or build revision. If applicable, Test (AUT) include the localized language of the application and version information for all Information application dependencies. Test Result Test results are typically pass or fail. Other options are possible and are discussed later in this chapter.
protected void Application_BeginRequest(object sender, EventArgs e) { DateTime dateTimeBeginRequest = DateTime.Now; HttpContext ctx = HttpContext.Current; ctx.Items["dateTimeBeginRequest"] = dateTimeBeginRequest;
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