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The CLR s Asynchronous Programming Model (APM)
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The before-field-init semantics is preferred since it gives the CLR a lot of freedom as to when it can call the type constructor, and the CLR takes advantage of this whenever possible to produce code that executes faster . For example, the CLR might pick different times to call the type constructor based on whether the type is loaded in an AppDomain or loaded domainneutral or whether the code is being JIT-compiled or NGen d . By default, language compilers choose which of these semantics makes the most sense for the type you re defining and informs the CLR of this choice by setting the beforefieldinit flag in the row of the type definition metadata table . In this section, I ll focus on what the C# compiler does and how this impacts performance . Let s start by examining the following code:
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Figure 7-38 Simple options or complex design possibilities
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The application stores the definition of a survey and its questions in table storage. To render the questions in a page in the browser, the application uses the MVC EditorExtensions class. When the Display action method in the SurveysController class in the TailSpin.Web.Survey.Public project builds the view to display the survey, it retrieves the survey definition from storage, populates a model, and passes the model to the view. The following code example shows this action method.
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Start with a Simple Line
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Automatic discovery System Center Essentials 2007 can query Active Directory and determine whether any new computers have joined your domain and have not been inventoried yet. When new computers are found, System Center Essentials 2007 can inventory them the next time they are connected to the network. Extensive reporting The reporting engine allows you to distribute detailed data regarding the computers on your network. Additionally, the reports are customizable so that you can create dashboard reports to represent a quick snapshot of your network.
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most any other strictly consumer-oriented tool. More to the point, however, Server Core comes with a smaller service and disk footprint. Compared to the full installation, with a disk footprint of 5.3 GB, Server Core has a disk footprint of just over 1 GB. In addition, Server Core has only 38 services auto-started by default, with another 30 set to demand start and one (Browser) disabled. The 37 services shown in Table 11-3 are missing on a Server Core installation, compared to a full installation of the same product.
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To make the Player background a neutral gray, slide the Saturation control to the far left. In this setting, Windows Media Player completely ignores the Hue setting and uses a light gray background. The border around video clips is always black.
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Area 2
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1: The Architecture of the .NET Framework Development Platform Figure 1 1 Compiling source code into managed modules Figure 1 2 Combining managed modules into assemblies Figure 1 3 Loading and initializing the CLR Figure 1 4 Calling a method for the first time Figure 1 5 Calling a method for the second time Figure 1 6 Languages offer a subset of the CLR/CTS and a superset of the CLS (but not necessarily the same superset) Figure 1 7 ILDasm showing Test type s fields and methods (obtained from metadata) Figure 1 8 ILDasm showing MgdCApp.exe assembly s metadata 2: Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types Figure 2 1 Figure 2 2 Figure 2 3 Figure 2 4 Figure 2 5 Figure 2 6 Figure 2 7 tool A multifile assembly consisting of two managed modules, one with a manifest Add Reference dialog box in Visual Studio .NET A multifile assembly consisting of three managed modules, one with a manifest Version tab of the JeffTypes.dll Properties dialog box Resource editor in Visual Studio .NET Applications node of the Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration tool Configuring an application using the Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration
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internal AttributeUsageAttribute(AttributeTargets validOn, Boolean allowMultiple, Boolean inherited) { m_attributeTarget = validOn; m_allowMultiple = allowMultiple; m_inherited = inherited; } public Boolean AllowMultiple { get { return m_allowMultiple; } set { m_allowMultiple = value; } } public Boolean Inherited { get { return m_inherited; } set { m_inherited = value; } } public AttributeTargets ValidOn { get { return m_attributeTarget; } } }
12. Reflection
In your applications you may need to be able to identify the grouping set with which each result row of your query is associated. Relying on the NULL placeholders may lead to convoluted code, not to mention the fact that if a column is de ned in the table as allowing NULLs, a NULL in the result will be ambiguous. SQL Server 2008 introduces a very convenient tool for this
D. Correct: If IsPostBack is true, the page loading is the result of a form being submitted
Whereas shebang lines are used on Unix-like operating systems, Windows users are more familiar with file extensions (such as DOC, EXE, JPG, MP3, or TXT) dictating how a file is processed. If you use My Computer or Windows Explorer to find a folder containing a Ruby file, the file might or might not already be associated with the Ruby interpreter (depending on which Ruby package you installed). Alternatively, Ruby files might be associated with your text editor. In any case, if you want to be able to double-click Ruby files in Windows and have them run directly as regular Ruby programs, you can do this by changing the default action for files with an extension of RB (or any other arbitrary extension you wish to use). The easiest way to set an association is to right-click the icon representing a Ruby file and choose the Open With option from the menu (or Open, if it s currently not associated with any program). Associate the program with the ruby.exe Ruby interpreter on your computer, and check the Always use the selected program to open this kind of file option. This will cause Ruby files to be executed directly by the Ruby interpreter in the future.
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