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Consider whether the code would be clearer with a non-null loop body Most of the code that results in loops with empty bodies relies on side effects in the loop control code. In most cases, the code is more readable when the side effects are made explicit, as shown below:
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To create a DHCP reservation, complete the following steps:
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other calling routers The VPN router can be configured to obtain IP addresses from DHCP or from a manually configured set of address ranges. Using DHCP to obtain IP addresses simplifies the configuration; however, you must ensure that the DHCP scope for the subnet to which the site connection of the calling router is attached has enough addresses for all the computers physically connected to the subnet and the maximum number of PPTP and L2TP ports. For example, if the subnet to which the site connection of the VPN router is attached contains 50 DHCP clients, the scope for the default configuration of the VPN router should contain at least 307 addresses (50 computers + 128 PPTP clients + 128 L2TP clients + 1 address for the VPN router). Also, note that the Routing And Remote Access service is designed to grab 10 addresses from the DHCP scope at a time. Once the set of 10 is used up, the server will request another 10 addresses. If there are not enough IP addresses in the scope, remote access VPN clients and calling routers that connect after all the addresses in the scope are allocated will be assigned an address in the Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) range of If you configure a static pool of addresses, ensure that the pool has enough addresses for all your PPTP and L2TP ports, plus an additional address for the VPN router. If there are not enough addresses in your static pool, remote access VPN clients and Windows NT 4.0 RRAS calling routers will not be able to connect. Windows Server 2003 calling routers, however, will still be able to connect. Windows Server 2003 calling and answering routers will still
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Contents of the Sample_uSA Database
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Page 66 Audio Sources Up to this point, most of the discussion has focused on video. However, the video sources covered in this chapter, such as digital and analog video cameras and some Web cameras, also record audio along with the corresponding video. Most, if not all, digital or analog video cameras have a built-in microphone to record audio. The following sections describe additional audio sources you can connect to your video camera or computer in order to record audio. Microphones With a microphone, you can record speech and other audio to your computer. A number of cameras have an input for an external microphone. Many times, an external microphone used with a video camera can provide better quality audio than the camera s built-in microphone. The microphone you choose to use for recording is up to you. Many good microphones are reasonably priced and can help you to record high-quality audio for your presentations. You can either plug an external microphone into your video camera or into the computer itself. If you are looking for a small microphone that is easy to connect to your computer, consider choosing a small lapel, or lavaliere , microphone. This type of microphone is small and unobtrusive, and it can be attached to the speaker s clothing to record audio for presentations. Sound cards You can use a sound card to record and play back audio on your computer. Most new computers are sold with a sound card already installed or with built-in sound recording connections and functionality. Typically, a sound card has several inputs for you to attach a microphone for recording, speakers for playback, and a line input, also used for recording. For example, if you had the appropriate connectors (such as RCA cables) and you had a VCR attached to your computer, the video composite input could plug into your video capture card, and the audio line (or lines, depending on your connection cables and specific audio card) could plug into the line input jack (often a mini-jack) on the sound card. Some video capture cards contain inputs for audio, while others only provide input for video connectors. To find out if your computer already has an audio capture card, consult the documentation that was included with the computer. Configuring Capture Devices Given the wide variety of capture devices and hardware manufacturers, it is nearly impossible to list all the different ways to attach a video source to your computer. Remember, when connecting capture devices and video sources, consult the documentation that
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Although you get the ability to run multiple, identical servers in parallel using forking, managing the child processes is clumsy. You have to kill them manually, and if any of them die or run into errors, they won t be replaced with new servers. This means that if all the child processes die for whatever reason, you re left with a nonoperational service! It s possible to code all the logic and housekeeping necessary to maintain child processes yourself, but Ruby comes with a library called GServer that makes life a lot easier and works across all platforms.
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Running 2005 (8.0) Tests in Team Build 2008
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What does ExportedTypesDef entry indicate
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This simple example shows how you can add to an image another image that appears when you zoom in on the first image. With Deep Zoom, you can build far more complex applications, but for now, this example gives you a good idea of the feature s capabilities.
Introducing Silverlight 3
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