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Now, some developers were aware that the CLR supports both CLS- and non CLScompliant exceptions, and these developers might have written the two catch blocks (shown above) in order to catch both kinds of exceptions . If the above code is recompiled for CLR 2 .0 or later, the second catch block will never execute, and the C# compiler will indicate this by issuing a warning: "CS1058: A previous catch clause
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CHAPTER 5: Doing More with Qt
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Note ThEmE vs. sTyLEshEETThEmE
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Workflow Process Execution Options
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to stop responding . And, sometimes applications would have a bug in them, resulting in an infinite loop that also stopped the entire machine from operating . At this point, the end user would have no choice but to reboot the computer by pressing the reset button or power switch . Of course, end users hated doing this (they still do, in fact) because all running applications terminated; more importantly, any data that these applications were processing was thrown out of memory and lost . Microsoft knew that 16-bit Windows would not be a good enough operating system to keep Microsoft relevant as the computer industry progressed, so they set out to build a new OS to address the needs of corporations and individuals . This new OS had to be robust, reliable, scalable, and secure, and it had to improve the many deficiencies of 16-bit Windows . This OS kernel originally shipped in Microsoft Windows NT . Over the years, this kernel has had many tweaks and features added to it . The latest version of this kernel ships in the latest versions of the Microsoft client and server Windows operating systems . When Microsoft was designing this OS kernel, they decided to run each instance of an application in what is called a process . A process is just a collection of resources that is used by a single instance of an application . Each process is given a virtual address space, ensuring that the code and data used by one process is not accessible to another process . This makes application instances robust because one process cannot corrupt code or data being used by another . In addition, the OS s kernel code and data are not accessible to processes; therefore, it s not possible for application code to corrupt operating system code or data . So now, application code cannot corrupt other applications or the OS itself, and the whole computing experience is much better for end users . In addition, the system is more secure because application code cannot access user names, passwords, credit card information, or other sensitive information that is in use by another application or the operating system itself . This is all well and good, but what about the CPU itself What if an application enters an infinite loop Well, if there is only one CPU in the machine, then it executes the infinite loop and cannot execute anything else, so while the data cannot be corrupted and is more secure, the system could still stop responding to the end user . Microsoft needed to fix this problem, too, and threads were the answer . A thread is a Windows concept whose job is to virtualize the CPU . Windows gives each process its very own thread (which functions similar to a CPU), and if application code enters an infinite loop, the process associated with that code freezes up, but other processes (which have their own threads) are not frozen; they keep running!
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This pipeline section just confirms that the supplier has the product in stock and moves on. Its Process method is called for orders whose stock was confirmed and that need to move on to the next pipeline section. Add the following code to a new file in the business folder named ps_stock_ok.php: < php class PsStockOk implements IPipelineSection { public function Process($processor) { // Audit $processor->CreateAudit('PsStockOk started.', 20300); /* The method is called when the supplier confirms that stock is available, so we don't have to do anything here except audit */ $processor->CreateAudit('Stock confirmed by supplier.', 20302); // Update order status $processor->UpdateOrderStatus(4); // Continue processing $processor->mContinueNow = true; // Audit $processor->CreateAudit('PsStockOk finished.', 20301); } } > When this pipeline stage finishes, processing moves straight on to PsTakePayment.
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Note the following:
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Step 2: Creating a Loop from the Inside Out (Pseudocode Example)
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Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET
When called in this way, the SqlCacheDependency class sets up a dependency relationship with SQL Server 2005 known as command notification. (See 5.) As a result, whenever something happens to the involved tables that modifies the output of the command, the notification is sent to the caller. Nicely enough, the caller this time is just the SqlCacheDependency class. Internally, the SqlCacheDependency class handles the event and lets the parent know through NotifyDependencyChanged.
Implementing a DNS Infrastructure
Listing 1-1 contains a general form of a query, along with step numbers assigned according to the order in which the different clauses are logically processed.
Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
PATH A PATH secondary XML index is especially useful if your queries specify path expressions . It speeds up the exist method better than the Primary XML index . Such an index also speeds up queries that use value for a fully specified path . VALUE A VALUE secondary XML index is useful if queries are value-based and the path is not fully specified or it includes a wildcard . PROPERTY A PROPERTY secondary XML index is very useful for queries that retrieve one or more values from individual XML instances using the value method .
// 0 causes infrequent GCs // 10MB causes frequent GCs
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