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Risk of Remote Attacks to Server
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Combined Formats, Theme Fills, Shape Fills, Shape Outlines
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7 Temporary Tables and Table Variables
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Microsoft Office Word 2007 has always been a powerful program. In fact, from its earliest version, Microsoft Office Word has included more features than most people need (or know how to find) to create the documents they work with every day. Creating a full-featured, flexible, powerful program that doesn t overwhelm, restrict, or frustrate users has been a key goal for the developers of Office Word 2007. The idea is to simplify the way users of varying experience levels find, learn, and use the tools they need while continuing to increase the capability of the program to connect to the real demands of our professional, always-on business world. The result is that we will spend less time hunting for features we rarely use and more time producing high-quality documents that can be leveraged in a variety of ways.
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In addition to the information accessed from the body, header, and footer of the form, links to related records, web resources, or external URLs are available in the navigation pane. Figure 7-5 shows how the cases associated to an account can be accessed on the Account form. Note As you can imagine, an entity s mobile form is much simpler than the web and Outlook
This chapter covers subqueries, which are queries within queries, and ranking calculations. Subqueries can be scalar, multivalued, or table valued. You can use a scalar subquery where a single value is expected. For example, the following query returns the order with the maximum order ID:
The Visual Studio 2010 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) A basic understanding of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and client-side scripting Creating a new website Adding web server controls to a webpage
You can also control the number of items stored for each feed. By default, Internet Explorer begins throwing out old items for a given feed after the store for that feed fills up with 200 items. You can lower this number to as few as 1 or to its maximum of 2500. The feed store isn t indexed, so you can t use the Windows Search tools to find items in your downloaded feeds. To read your subscribed feeds, open the Feeds list in Favorites Center and click any link (bold-faced links indicate that new, unread content is available). The latest updates to the feed you selected appear in the browser s contents pane, as shown in Figure 6-17 on the next page.
Appendix D Setting Up Remote Access VPN Connections in a Test Lab
The vertical line at time zero that you see in Figure 5-18 denotes the current time. (In Expression Blend, this line is yellow.) To add a key frame, you simply drag this line to the time where you want a key frame, and click the Record Keyframe button. In Figure 5-18, this button is located just above the timeline to the left of 0:00:000.
nless you use your computer exclusively as a game machine or a media center, learning to manage your stuff your documents, programs, and communications is probably the single most critical computing skill you need to acquire. Because the continual growth in storage capacity encourages a corresponding increase in digital retentiveness, keeping track of stuff seems more crucial than ever. Fortunately, Windows Vista provides a terrific set of stuff-tracking tools. Leading the way is a redesigned Windows Explorer, complete with live-icon previews of file contents (for applications and document types that support that), a Preview pane that lets you peek inside file contents without actually opening the files, and a Details pane that displays file properties and lets you add descriptive tags to files (again, for files that support the feature). The most important new element in the Windows Explorer landscape, though, is the Search box in the upper-right corner. Windows Explorer is now completely integrated with Search, so that you can find what you need where you need it (even within common dialog boxes). Search itself, of course, is so much improved that comparisons with its predecessor in Windows XP are pointless. The dog is gone. (Say hello to the cheetah.) In addition to the revamped Windows Explorer user interface and the fully functional search engine, Windows Vista also provides an easier-to-use backup program and one of the unsung-hero feature of the entire operating-system update: Previous Versions. This unglamorous sounding novelty keeps daily iterations of your documents and folders (assuming System Protection is turned on), recording a change history at periodic intervals and allowing you to turn back the calendar if you delete a file or damage it beyond repair.
shortcut menu. For native code, right-click on the red dot in the left margin. Alternatively, you could also select the breakpoint in the Breakpoints window and click the Properties button, or right-click it in the window and select Properties. No matter how you do it, you'll end up in the Breakpoint dialog box, where you click the Hit Count button. In the resulting Breakpoint Hit Count dialog box, you'll see that Microsoft improved the hitcount options from previous debuggers. In the When The Breakpoint Is Hit drop-down list, you can choose how you want the hit count calculated four different ways, as shown in Table 5-2. After choosing the evaluation you want, type the hit-count number in the edit box next to the drop-down list.
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