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out-of-memory error) in this one place only, which simplifies error processing in other parts of your program. SAFE_DELETE. This routine checks to see whether the pointer passed to it is in the list of allocated pointers. If it is in the list, it sets the memory the pointer pointed at to garbage values, removes the pointer from the list, calls C++ s delete operator to deallocate the pointer, and sets the pointer to NULL. If the pointer isn t in the list, SAFE_DELETE displays a diagnostic message and stops the program.
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Listing 4-12 shows another example of a WHERE clause with a simple condition, this time using the <> (not equal to) operator. Listing 4-12. Another Example of a WHERE Clause with a Simple Condition select dname, location from departments where location <> 'CHICAGO'; DNAME ---------ACCOUNTING TRAINING HR LOCATION -------NEW YORK DALLAS BOSTON
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Configure TCP/IP Properties
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It s easy to deploy the Silverlight runtime to clients.
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op Row Display
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View devices over the network
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Customizing the Aero User Interface
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The moderator assigns defects to someone, usually the author, for repair. The assignee resolves each defect on the list.
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If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, you can find the completed projects in the samples installed from this book s companion CD. For more information about the project files and other content on the CD, see Using the Companion Media in this book s Introduction.
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Applies to web client Applies to Outlook client
System Maintenance and Management
Set a short expiration time on Remote Assistance invitations sent via e-mail. An expiration time of one hour should be sufficient for most requests. (Note that the invitation must be accepted within the specified time; you don t need to specify the length of the Remote Assistance session.) An expired RA ticket file is worthless to a potential hacker. Assign a strong password to Remote Assistance invitations. Because e-mail is fundamentally insecure, do not send the password with the invitation. Instead, communicate the password by telephone or in a separate e-mail message. Manually expire an invitation when it s no longer needed. To do so, simply close the Remote Assistance window. If both the expert and novice use Windows Vista, use encrypted invitation files. Open System in Control Panel. In the Tasks list, click Remote Settings. On the Remote tab, click Advanced. Then select Create Invitations That Can Only Be Used From Computers Running Windows Vista Or Later. Disable Remote Assistance on any machine where the possible benefits of a Remote Assistance session are outweighed by potential security risks. To completely disable Remote Assistance on a given machine, open System, click Remote Settings, click the Remote tab, and then clear Allow Remote Assistance Connections To This Computer. If that step seems too drastic, you can limit Remote Assistance capabilities so that an expert cannot take control of the remote machine. On the Remote tab, click Advanced and then clear Allow This Computer To Be Controlled Remotely.
You can see that a call to the GetWeeklySalary method will cause an exception of type DivideByZeroException when called with a value of zero for the number of weeks parameter. The exception message contains the values of the variables used in the calculation, and other information useful to administrators when debugging the application. Unfortunately, the current code has several issues. It trashes the original exception and loses the stack trace, preventing meaningful debugging. Even worse, the global exception handler for the application presents any user of the application with all of the sensitive information when an error occurs. If you run the example for this chapter, and select option Typical Default Behavior without Exception Shielding, you will see this result generated by the code in the catch statement:
the MySQL Manager, look under Applications/Server/MySQL Manager.
Interoperability with unmanaged Code
De neConstants
Most relational database systems allow you to run stored procedures. Stored procedures are blocks of SQL code that are called much like functions are called in normal procedural languages. Stored procedures are parsed and validated when they re saved, and the query plan for a stored procedure is also calculated only once. These two features alone are enough to justify using stored procedures. In addition, stored procedures can be created to return results in an efficient format. For example, if you re retrieving a single record, you could write a query that returns the single record as a recordset, or you could write a stored procedure that returns the required fields using output parameters. Retrieving even a recordset with only a single record can involve significant overhead. When a recordset is returned, not only is the data returned, but also data about the data (also called metadata) is returned. Using output parameters can be significantly more efficient. There are other reasons to use stored procedures for example, performing some complex data-related function as close to the data as possible. For data manipulation that would require multiple SQL statements, a stored procedure will likely be much more efficient. If you re bringing a lot of data to the client machine and filtering out data locally, you have a perfect candidate for using stored procedures. I m most familiar with the version of Transact SQL included with Microsoft SQL Server, which isn t designed as a procedural language. However, it does offer many of the constructs, such as IF and WHILE, that will make a procedural programmer happy. Still, the power of stored procedures comes from their use of the set-oriented, nonprocedural SQL language. In another scenario, you might want to grant rights to only some columns in a particular table. One way to do this is to give no rights to the table but execute rights to a stored procedure that will access the data in a safe way. Tip Another alternative (beyond the scope of this book) is to create a SQL Server view with just the table columns you want to give users access to. Then you can give the users no rights to the underlying table but whatever rights are required to the view. Executing stored procedures using ADO.NET is similar to executing normal SQL statements. In almost all cases, you ll be passing parameters to your stored procedures. Few stored procedures are useful without any parameters, although the first example we ll look at next doesn t accept any parameters. The following SimpleSPSelect example calls a simple stored procedure named Ten Most Expensive Products that requires no parameters and returns a set of records. The records are read into a DataReader object and then displayed exactly as with the select query executed in SimpleSelect.aspx.vb shown in Listing 8-3. SimpleSPSelect.aspx is shown in Listing 8-5, and the code-behind file, SimpleSPSelect.aspx.cs, is shown in Listing 8-6. Listing 8-5 SimpleSPSelect.aspx, showing how to display the results from the Ten Most Expensive Products stored procedure from the Northwind database
Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs
Check for these anomalous sequences of data states before testing begins. After you ve checked for the anomalous sequences, the key to writing data-flow test cases is to exercise all possible defined-used paths. You can do this to various degrees of thoroughness, including All definitions. Test every definition of every variable (that is, every place at which any variable receives a value). This is a weak strategy because if you try to exercise every line of code you ll do this by default. All defined-used combinations. Test every combination of defining a variable in one place and using it in another. This is a stronger strategy than testing all definitions because merely executing every line of code does not guarantee that every defined-used combination will be tested.
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