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Embed Denso QR Bar Code in C# Figure 1-3: The common PUM model for engineering teams.

Figure 11-13. Adjusting the KeySpline property for the ball rising 14. Click the play button above the timeline to see the animation you have so far. The circle will fall with increasing speed, and then bounce back up with decreasing speed. So far so good, but what goes up, must come down. Move the playhead to 8 seconds, and move the circle up about one-fourth its initial position and adjust the KeySpline property to match Figure 11-12. Sticking with the pattern, move the playhead to 10 seconds, and move the circle down to the top of the rectangle. The KeySpline curve should match Figure 11-13. Repeat this pattern at 11 seconds, and then 11.5 seconds. 15. Click the play button. You should see the circle bounce on the rectangle as you would expect. The final timeline will appear as shown in Figure 11-14.
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2. Modify the business/ps_take_payment.php file as follows: < php class PsTakePayment implements IPipelineSection { public function Process($processor) { // Audit $processor->CreateAudit('PsTakePayment started.', 20400); $request = new DataCashRequest(DATACASH_URL); $request->MakeXmlFulFill(DATACASH_CLIENT, DATACASH_PASSWORD, 'fulfill', $processor->mOrderInfo['auth_code'], $processor->mOrderInfo['reference']); $responseXml = $request->GetResponse(); $xml = simplexml_load_string($responseXml); if ($xml->status == 1) { // Audit $processor->CreateAudit( 'Funds deducted from customer credit card account.', 20402); // Update order status $processor->UpdateOrderStatus(5); // Continue processing $processor->mContinueNow = true; } else { // Audit $processor->CreateAudit('Could not deduct funds from credit card.', 20403); throw new Exception('Credit card take payment failed for order ' . $processor->mOrderInfo['order_id'] . "\n\n" . 'Data exchanged:' . "\n" . $request->GetResponse() . "\n" . $responseXml); } // Audit $processor->CreateAudit('PsTakePayment finished.', 20401); } } >
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Web database provides a front end for a local SQL database. SQL, Structured Query Language, is an extremely popular standard to access relational databases. SQL itself is a large topic and is beyond the scope of this book. A good source of information for further investigation of SQL is the SQLite website at Let s explore some of the basics of using web database. First you need to create your web database. You do that with a call that looks something like this:
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You can specify how the image fills the area that it is painting with the Stretch property. You can specify this using one of several different stretch modes: None, Uniform, UniformToFill, and Fill. None renders the image untouched no stretching takes place. Uniform scales the image to fit the rectangle dimensions but leaves the aspect ratio untouched. UniformToFill scales the image to fill the output area completely but preserves its aspect ratio (clipping the image as necessary). Fill scales the image to fit the output dimensions using independent scaling on the x-axis and y-axis. This distorts the image to fill the available space completely.
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//define class AjaxEnabled.PasswordStrengthComponent.prototype = { initialize: function () { //add custom initialization here AjaxEnabled.PasswordStrengthComponent.callBaseMethod(this, 'initialize'); }, returnPasswordStrength: function (password) { var strPass = new String(password.toString()); if (strPass.length < 5) { return "Weak"; } else { if (strPass.length < 8) { return "Medium"; } else { return "Strong"; } } },
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10: Managed Exception Monitoring
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Each computer must have the following minimum configuration. All hardware should be on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Hardware Compatibility List.
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&dwBytesRead ; dwSize = dwSize - 20 ; } while ( ( FALSE == bRet ) && ( dwSize > 20 ) ) ; } else { // Read the ANSI string and convert it to UNICODE. char szAnsiName[ MAX_PATH ] ; DWORD dwAnsiSize = MAX_PATH ; do { bRet = ReadProcessMemory ( hProcess lpPtr szAnsiName dwAnsiSize &dwBytesRead ; dwAnsiSize = dwAnsiSize - 20 ; , , , ,
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Wbadmin stop job [-quiet]
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Implementing Secure Network Administration Procedures 11-19
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Figure 3-18. Clustered table/index
generated by an INSERT, DELETE, or UPDATE action. For this purpose SQL Server provides you with the $action function, which returns a character string indicating the action that generated the output row: INSERT , DELETE , or UPDATE . To demonstrate using the OUTPUT clause and the $action function with the MERGE statement, rst create and populate the Customers and CustomersStage tables by running the code provided earlier in Listing 10-3. The following code demonstrates one of the merge scenarios discussed earlier update existing customers and add new customers except that this MERGE statement also contains an OUTPUT clause showing the action and the deleted and inserted values:
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The model of using streams for I/O is well understood, and the .NET implementation doesn't differ much from the Java approach. Although the C# examples may look different, the underlying mechanisms are the same, and the Java programmer has little to adjust to. In other areas, the differences are more apparent, and this is especially clear with object serialization. The deep integration of attributes in .NET is evident and is far removed from the Java approach of interface implementation. Overall, the Java programmer should adapt to the .NET I/O classes quickly and find the majority of functionality available, albeit in a slightly different manner.
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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