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please don't skip over it! Even if you're not already a fan of Excel range names, you'll soon come to value them as extremely useful tools . But one thing that's certain to perplex and bewilder you is the formula errors or procedural errors that arise when a name is incorrectly assigned . This happens, for example, if a name is accidentally assigned to the wrong cell, or does not cover the correct cell range and excludes rows and/or columns, or includes certain cells by mistake .
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You must configure both ends of the connection even if only one end of the connec tion is initiating a demand-dial connection. Configuring only one side of the connec tion allows packets to be routed in only one direction; normal communication, however, requires that information travel in both directions.
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Part IV
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To understand the dynamics of the system, it s important to determine who the stakeholders are and how their individual information needs to change over time. The main stakeholders to be considered in the context of a technology conference are as follows: Attendees: individuals attending the conference Presenters: individuals presenting one or more sessions at a conference Sponsors: organizations sponsoring and promoting the conference Administrators: the person or persons organizing and running the conference To create a clear picture of the changing needs of the stakeholders, it s useful to view the conference as three separate periods of time: the preconference, the conference, and the postconference periods. After all, event management is all about timelines. Figure 1-1 illustrates the three stages of the conference.
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Practice: Configuring Services
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Tip In addition to importing data records through the Import Data Wizard, you can also use the
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Remote Access Issues
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col1 ----A A A B B C C C C C dups ----------3 3 3 2 2 5 5 5 5 5 smaller ----------0 0 0 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 n ----------1 2 3 1 2 1 2 3 4 5
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Installing Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 uses the native Windows Server 2008 tools either the graphical Server Manager, or the command-line version, ServerManagerCmd.exe. When installing on Windows Server 2008 Core, use the OCSetup.exe utility.
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In the XML document that represents the data originally stored in an ADO.NET DataTable object, no type information exists. In spite of this, the XML document built so far is technically legal and correct, and all ADO-based applications can successfully manage it. All the various pieces of information in the document are rendered in the same way that is, using Unicode strings, by means of the ADO adLongVarWChar data type. Making those fields type-aware means adding some type information to the <AttributeType> node in the XML schema. You do this using a pair of attributes in the dt namespace one of the namespaces defined in the root node as shown here: <s:AttributeType name='lastname' rs:number='2'> <s:datatype dt:type='string' dt:maxLength='20' /> </s:AttributeType> The <s:datatype>element describes the type of corresponding character data used in the parent attribute value. The main attribute of <s:datatype> is the dt:type attribute. For variablelength data types, XDR also allows you to specify a maximum length via the dt:maxLength attribute. The .NET Framework type system and the ADO Recordset object recognize different types. And ADO types are, in turn, different from predefined XDR data types. There's no easy way to obtain the XDR data type that corresponds to a .NET Framework Type object. Whenever type information is critical for the health of your application, you should figure out how to map a DataTable object's column .NET Framework type to an XDR type. In fact, you should exhaustively consider each .NET 147
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If you duplicate the module reference to the appropriate place in your template code, the breadcrumbs link list will appear. Look at the page and make sure that the list is in the proper position. For correct placement, you can examine the rendering of your Frontpage between edits. Alternately, you can use the Preview button (on the same screen where the Edit HTML button is located). It will display the current template with dummy content and show where each module position is located. The preview can help you determine whether the template has a location to display the Breadcrumbs module, and also to properly align the module if you are adding it to an existing template.
The ASP.NET Timer control is an AJAX control that can be used to update portions of a page on a periodic, timed basis. This is useful if you need to update an image such as an advertisement on a webpage or perhaps a value such as a stock ticker or a news ticker. The Timer control can also be used to simply run code on the server on a periodic basis. You can add a Timer control directly to an UpdatePanel control. The Timer will then automatically trigger a partial-page update of the UpdatePanel based on a time defined by the Timer control s Interval property (in milliseconds). The following shows an example of a Timer control embedded in an UpdatePanel.
Puzzle 23: Shipping Algebra
the ability to call subroutines, and so on. Batch programs can also respond to values returned by programs and to the values of environment variables. Batch programming is a venerable art, having been with us since the earliest days of MS-DOS (long before Windows was so much as a twinkle in Microsoft s eye). These days there are more powerful scripting tools at your disposal. Nevertheless, if you have already invested some time and energy in learning the language of batch programming, that investment can continue to serve you in Windows Vista; your batch programs will run as well as they ever have, and you can execute them on or in response to events, by means of Task Scheduler. If you are interested in acquiring or refreshing batch-programming skills now, you can take advantage of numerous free resources on the internet. Two good places to start are http://www.vista-io.com/3001 and http://www.vista-io.com/3002.
Here is an example of a static class that defines some static members; this code compiles (with a warning) but the class doesn t do anything interesting:
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