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Constructor Constraints
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Removing Features
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Table 3-4. Information Defined in a Manifest
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From the log statement, you can see that the version properties were set twice, once for assembly version and again for le version. If you examined the assembly you would see that these properties were indeed set as reported. In this example, I did not override any other properties that could be set by the task, but there are many others. Take a look at the documentation provided along with the download for more information regarding its usage. If you had placed the Microsoft.VersionNumber.targets into a version-controlled folder you would have had to make the following changes to ensure that it was usable.
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} // Process items in a last-in, first-out order (LIFO) public class ConcurrentStack<T> : IProducerConsumerCollection<T>, IEnumerable<T>, ICollection, IEnumerable { public public public public public ConcurrentStack(); void Push(T item); Boolean TryPop(out T result); Int32 Count { get; } IEnumerator<T> GetEnumerator();
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Your Server Before the Roles
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ListSearch MaskedEdit ModalPopup
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More Info For details about programming CLR UDTs, as well as programming CLR routines,
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Consider designing for different cultures when planning your application. Obvious cultural factors include different languages and different methods for text entry. But different cultures also can have significantly different design aesthetics. Remember this when designing your application. Even the use of color can have cultural significance. In Western cultures, white commonly connotes freshness and purity; in Eastern cultures, white can be a symbol for death. Fundamental symbolism can be radically different across cultures. Testing with real users is the best way to avoid these pitfalls. Forum Nokia describes characteristics for four of the major mobile markets China, Europe, India, and the US. China is a market composed of heavy mobile users. There is more emphasis on leisure time use of the mobile, and user interfaces tend to be more busy and crowded. Chinese users also are typically heavy users of the mobile internet. Europe is a more mature market for mobile. The market is composed of many different countries, ethnicities, and languages so there can be much variation. Generally the design aesthetic in Europe calls for simplicity, clarity, and a logical flow. India is a diverse marketplace with huge potential. It is the largest market for entry-level devices. Therefore, there is a preference for applications with lightweight technical requirements. The mobile phone can be the user s first real contact with technology. Like China, the more is more principle applies.
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Deploying Stub Zones
SELECT n AS col1, (n - 1) % 10000 + 1 AS col2, CAST('a' AS CHAR(200)) AS filler INTO #T FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n <= 100000; ALTER TABLE #T ADD PRIMARY KEY(col1); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_col2_col1 ON #T(col2, col1); GO SELECT * FROM #T WHERE col1 = 1; SELECT * FROM #T WHERE col1 <= 50000; SELECT * FROM #T WHERE col2 = 1; SELECT * FROM #T WHERE col2 <= 2; SELECT * FROM #T WHERE col2 <= 5000;
Making a Command Globally Available
So far, I ve discussed how to convert numeric values into a string of flags. It s also possible to convert a string of comma delimited symbols into a numeric value by calling Enum s static Parse method. Here s some code demonstrating how to use this method:
GetHashCode Equals ToString MemberwiseClone
FIGURE 5-12 Keep in mind how your Key Point headlines will become the foundation for a visual story
Run the following code to examine the row in CustomerData for customer 101:
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