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27. How Program Size Affects Construction
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Why is the policy not working a. The policy is set with the wrong IP addresses. b. Each policy specifies a different encryption algorithm. c. No encryption is taking place. The evidence is revealed in the soft SAs. d. The policy is using Kerberos for authentication and the computer is not a member of a domain.
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20: CLR Hosting, AppDomains, and Reflection
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Remove the mock issuer during deployment.
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An ad hoc network is a temporary network that connects two or more wireless computers and devices without requiring a hub or wireless access point. The computers network adapters communicate directly with each other. An ad hoc network is handy when you need to exchange files or share an internet connection with someone who isn t normally part of your network for example, in a meeting. Another common use: multiplayer games.
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If your computer is joined to a domain, Security Center is turned off by default . Although you can still summon it from Control Panel in this situation, the status section is absent . No icon appears in the notification area, and Security Center does not monitor your computer s security status . The only function of Security Center while it s turned off is to provide an attractive container for links to security-related Control Panel applications and online security information . Security Center is neutered by default in a domainbased computer because the domain administrator typically has more powerful security tools available and will want to centrally administer security settings . However, by making a group policy change, you can enable Security Center for a domain-based computer and use it just as if you re working on a computer that is not joined to a domain . Here s how:
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ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(ComputeBoundOp, 5); // Calling QueueUserWorkItem new Task(ComputeBoundOp, 5).Start(); // Equivalent of above using Task
Creating an ASP.NET 2.0 Application
A clock that shows how long any page on the site has been open in the browser window The ability to highlight the control that has the current focus on the page Logic that can be used by the client to validate data including part numbers, vendor codes, and more Using the Microsoft AJAX Library, how would you implement each of these in terms of component, control, or behavior Which of these features would you wrap as a custom server control and what class would you use to implement it
Using Performance Monitor
Creating the Directive
namespace WCFQuotesService { // NOTE: You can use the Rename command on the // Refactor menu to change the class name "Service1" in code, svc, and config file together. public class QuotesService : IQuotesService { QuotesCollection LoadQuotes() { QuotesCollection quotesCollection; quotesCollection = (QuotesCollection)
FIguRE 17-4 State of the delegate objects after inserting the first delegate in the chain
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