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Earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, include some of these algorithms for other functions; they do not support the them for use in IPsec.
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Visual Studio generates a blank Console program for you .
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TemplateFile UpdateGram XPath
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Displaying Web Content with QtWebKit
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Site Map Tips and Tricks
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_target _methodPtr _invocationList
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multiple user accounts on multiple servers and keep them simultaneously current, most administrators set up an account database at the directory server or primary domain controller, or on a RADIUS server. By using the Microsoft Active Directory as your account database, Windows Server 2003 VPNs become part of a single signon solution: the same set of credentials are used for both VPN connections to log on to the organization s domain. Although Active Directory is the preferred method for authentication and authorization because of all the advanced policy and quaran tine features that become available with the use of Active Directory, Microsoft VPN solutions are not required to use Active Directory. Windows VPN servers can use standards-based RADIUS as well to perform authentication for Microsoft VPNs. The methods in this book will focus on the use of Active Directory as the directory ser vice solution because we ll be showing and enabling all the advanced VPN features that come with the use of Active Directory.
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public void Accumulate(SqlInt64 v) { if (v.IsNull || si.IsNull) // Null input = Null output approach { si = SqlInt64.Null; return; } if (v == 0 || si == 0) // to prevent an exception in next if { si = 0; return; } // stop before we reach max value if (Math.Abs(v.Value) <= SqlInt64.MaxValue / Math.Abs(si.Value)) { si = si * v; } else { si = 0; // if we reach too big value, return 0 } } public void Merge(CSProdAgg Group) { Accumulate(Group.Terminate()); } public SqlInt64 Terminate() { return (si); } } // end CSProdAgg
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Adding, Removing, and Managing Programs
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Objective 5.1
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the server and therefore on your SBS network. Normally, SBS has only a single DHCP scope, so options you set at the Scope level are also applied to all DHCP address leases. Options set at the DHCP Scope level override any options set at the Server level. When you create a DHCP reservation, you commit a speci c network card to a speci c IP address on your SBS network. You can also, as part of the DHCP reservation, con gure additional options for that DHCP client. Any options set at the DHCP Reservation level will override those set at the Scope or Server level.
DECLARE @parent_object_id AS INT = (SELECT parent_object_id FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = @@PROCID); WITH UpdatedColumns(column_id) AS ( SELECT n FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n <= -- count of columns in trigger's parent table (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sys.columns WHERE object_id = @parent_object_id) -- bit corresponding to nth column is turned on AND (SUBSTRING(COLUMNS_UPDATED(),(n - 1) / 8 + 1, 1)) & POWER(2, (n - 1) % 8) > 0 ) SELECT C.name AS updated_column FROM sys.columns AS C JOIN UpdatedColumns AS U ON C.column_id = U.column_id WHERE object_id = @parent_object_id ORDER BY U.column_id; GO
FIGURE 4-7 Actual execution plan example
Part II Advanced Features
14 Session State
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