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In the User Name text box, type: VPN_NewYork. In the Domain text box: type ROUTER1, type the password for the
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Routing with Windows Server 2003
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Understanding 64-Bit Windows
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Understanding Stub Zones
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. 1 . . Open the PalindromeCheckerRenderedControl .cs file . To add a PalindromeFound event, type in the following line:
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Figure 12-10 A balance hasn t been struck between knowledge and experience in this case . But this is
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After you ve used the Internet Connection Wizard to create an account, you can use the account s properties dialog box to modify any of the information you gave the wizard. To open an account s properties dialog box, choose Tools, Accounts, select the name of the account, and then click Properties.
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This problem is a good example of the use of a spatial buffer as opposed to using a distance method . Note how the buffered Interstate 5 LINESTRING is clipped by the King County polygon to create the final region used in the intersection test:
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public sealed class Program { public static void Main() { Int32 x; // x is not initialized. // The following line fails to compile, producing // error CS0165: Use of unassigned local variable 'x'. AddVal(ref x); Console.WriteLine(x); } private static void AddVal(ref Int32 v) { v += 10; // This method can use the initialized value in v. } }
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Total 1 storage transactions
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Logical reads 6501 CPU time 109 ms Elapsed time 1534 ms Estimated subtree cost 5.23753
to be called
The resulting XML le is shown in the next snippet.
A .Palindrome .Checker
offers every photo-printing option in a compact dialog box. Figure 17-15 shows this dialog box with all its options already selected.
while ( not done ) ... while ( a = b ) ...
31. Layout and Style
with ref, the caller must initialize the parameter s value prior to calling the method. The called method can read from the value and/or write to the value. Reference and value types behave very differently with out and ref. Let s look at using out and ref with value types first:
Ch aPt er 13 W eB a P P L IC a tION Fr a MeW O r K S : r a I LS , S I N a t r a , a N D r a M a Z e
The HasErrors property is set to true when either the RowError property contains a value or at least one column is not associated with an empty message. If you want to know about all the columns with errors, use the GetColumnsInError method to obtain an array containing the DataColumn objects with errors. Table 10-6 shows the error-related methods of the DataRow class. Table 10-6: Error-Related DataRow Methods Method Description Clears all the pending errors for the row. Does not ClearErrors distinguish between errors set using RowError and errors set using SetColumnError. GetColumnError Gets the error description for the specified column. GetColumnsInError SetColumnError Returns an array of the DataColumn objects with errors. Sets the error description for the specified column.
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