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Keep the client-side scripting short and simple. If the script takes too
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FIGURE 9-8 Account with four Tasks TABLE 9-2 Ownership Determined by Cascading Behavior
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Materialized Path
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Enhance Team Effectiveness with Office Groove 2007
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As you can see, this method calls String s Equals method, which internally compares the strings individual characters and checks to ensure that all characters match . This comparison can be slow . In addition, the wordlist array might have multiple entries that refer to multiple String objects containing the same set of characters . This means that multiple identical strings might exist in the heap and are surviving ongoing garbage collections . Now, let s look at a version of this method that was written to take advantage of string interning:
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FIGURE 7-4 Manipulating the XAML tree.
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FIGURE 14-15 The Remote Web Workplace logon page
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largely based on the different diagram types that we ship (we currently ship more than 50 different diagram types). IT professionals use Office Visio 2007 to create network diagrams, visualize databases and software systems, create Web site maps, and create floor plans for network equipment. Business analysts use Office Visio 2007 in a key role to create business process diagrams (flowcharts) to document and optimize their systems because business process reengineering is an increasingly important aspect of a well-run company.
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There is no good reason for a domain administrator to be surfing at the server. Not a single one. It places your entire infrastructure at risk. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Cougar team looked at the threats and risks to that server, disabled the Built-In Administrator account, and enabled User Account Control on the server, in contrast to Windows Server 2008. UAC is there to remind you that a server is exactly that, a server, and is not to be used as a workstation. Follow the best practice of not using the Built-In Administrator account for even the most mundane of daily administrator tasks. As shown in Figure 15-20, leave the setting in place as a reminder of how important that domain controller is.
product table product 1
There are some developers (and I am one of them) who do not like C# s volatile keyword, and they think that the language should not provide it . Our thinking is that most algorithms require few volatile read or write accesses to a field and that most other accesses to the field can occur normally, improving performance; seldom is it required that all accesses to a field be volatile . For example, it is difficult to interpret how to apply volatile read operations to algorithms like this one:
At this point, you may notice a few changes: The Objects and Timeline panel now contains the style object, but all of the form objects are no longer visible. At the top of the Objects and Timeline panel, you will see an up arrow with the text TextBoxStyle (TextBox Style) to its right. If you hover the mouse over the arrow, you will see a message that reads Return scope to [UserControl], as shown in Figure 10-16. Clicking this arrow will return you to the Objects and Timeline panel that you have grown used to, with the different form objects showing.
Sending Email
FIGURE 11-7 IBuildDe nition interface
Let s get started by defining event handlers within the XAML markup. 1. Open Visual Studio 2008 and create a new Silverlight project called Ch4_EventHandlers. Allow Visual Studio to create a Web Site project to host the application.
You should be presented with a login screen like the one shown in Figure 2-28. I suggest bookmarking this page in your browser so you can quickly and easily get to the administration portion of Joomla.
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