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Sample of C# Code protected virtual IEnumerable<ScriptReference> GetScriptReferences() { ScriptReference reference = new ScriptReference(); reference.Assembly = "AjaxEnabled"; reference.Name = "AjaxEnabled.PassTextBox.js"; return new ScriptReference[] { reference }; }
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// The following line displays "Blue". Console.WriteLine(Enum.Format(typeof(Color), 3, "G"));
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or be idle before being terminated by the VPN server.
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C08620245.fm Page 275 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:50 PM
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The concept of RIA has been around for quite some time, but the term rich Internet application was first used in 2002 in a Macromedia white paper. Before then, the terms remote scripting and X Internet were used to describe the concept. Today, many different solutions fit the description of RIAs, but there is one consistent characteristic: all RIA solutions involve a runtime that runs on the client machine and architecturally sits between the user and the server. In recent years, the technology that is most commonly used in RIAs is Flash. When Flash was introduced, it brought to the Web rich user experiences never seen before. However, due to the lack of tools allowing Microsoft .NET developers to integrate Flash into their applications, to those developers Flash just seemed like a tool for adding some pretty effects to a web page, but nothing functional. Then a wonderful thing happened when Adobe purchased Macromedia. All of the sudden, Flash was married to some of the development tools offered by Adobe. Microsoft retaliated by announcing Silverlight, formerly known as Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere (WPF/E). Silverlight is the technology that many .NET developers have been waiting for. What exactly is Silverlight And, what impact does Silverlight actually have on us as .NET developers Well, I m glad you asked.
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SQL statements discussed in this book are explained with concrete examples. We focus on th emain points, avoiding peripheral and arcane side-issues as much as possible. The examples are presented clearly in a listing format, as in the example shown here in Listing I-1. 1. Listing I-1. A SQL SELECT Statement
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Perception and the Laws of Perception
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static void StaticCallbacks() { // Create a set with five items in it. Set setOfItems = new Set(5); // Process the items, but give no feedback. setOfItems.ProcessItems(null); Console.WriteLine(); // Process the items, and give feedback to the console. setOfItems.ProcessItems(new Set.Feedback(App.FeedbackToConsole)); Console.WriteLine(); // Process the items, and give feedback to a message box. setOfItems.ProcessItems(new Set.Feedback(App.FeedbackToMsgBox)); Console.WriteLine(); // Process the items, and give feedback to the // console AND to a message box. Set.Feedback fb = null; fb += new Set.Feedback(App.FeedbackToConsole); fb += new Set.Feedback(App.FeedbackToMsgBox); setOfItems.ProcessItems(fb); Console.WriteLine(); } static void FeedbackToConsole( Object value, Int32 item, Int32 numItems) { Console.WriteLine("Processing item {0} of {1}: {2}.", item, numItems, value); } static void FeedbackToMsgBox( Object value, Int32 item, Int32 numItems) { MessageBox.Show(String.Format("Processing item {0} of {1}: {2}.", item, numItems, value)); }
<head> <jdoc:include type="head" /> </head>
ASP.NET Security
The IIdentity security token is 'e303fd67-331a-45b0-94d4-087e462cacda'. The identity for this token has been expired and removed from the cache. The IPrincipal security token is 'd6563752-78ed-489a-86fa-efd76c97a976'. The principal for this token has been expired and removed from the cache.
} M1 Locals } M2 Params
Tip One case where we often use workflow is to automate the process of creating activities.
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