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public function init() { // Get product details from business tier $this->mProduct = Catalog::GetProductDetails($this->_mProductId); if (isset ($_SESSION['page_link'])) $this->mPageLink = $_SESSION['page_link']; } } > 3. Now get in touch with your artistic side, and spread these variables all over the page in an attempt to make the page more attractive to the visitor. To do that, you need to create a product.tpl file in the presentation/templates folder. Feel free to go wild and customize this page as you want. {load_product assign="product"} <span class="description">{$product->}</span> <br /><br /> <img src="product_images/{$product->mProduct.image}" alt="Product image" width="190" border="0" /> <br /><br /> <span> {$product->mProduct.description} <br /><br />Price: </span> {if $product->mProduct.discounted_price == 0} <span class="price"> {else} <span class="old_price"> {/if} ${$product->mProduct.price} </span> {if $product->mProduct.discounted_price != 0} <span class="price">  ${$product->mProduct.discounted_price} </span> {/if} <br /><br /> <input type="button" value="Continue Shopping" onclick="window.location='{$product->mPageLink|prepare_link:"http"}';" /> 4. Load the web site, and click on the picture or name of any product. You should be forwarded to its details page. Figure 4-12 shows an example details page.
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A gradual color gradient with more than two color components (this plot area contains three colors, namely blue, yellow, and green from top to bottom) A gradual color gradient in a chart line (Here, the upper and lower lines, when viewed from left to right, gradually change from blue to red and from red to blue respectively)
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One-Way vs. Two-Way Initiation
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Placing and Customizing Visual Elements
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The following are the minimum system requirements necessary to run the CD:
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that is evaluated is SomethingTrue. The evaluation stops as soon as SomethingTrue is identified as true. As a result of this method of evaluation, the following statement is a fine, legal statement.
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The tables and charts on these three worksheets are the objects you ll publish and use to create the Sales Performance dashboard.
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Understanding how to compare delegates for equality is important when you try to manipulate delegate chains, a topic I ll talk about next.
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Part II:
All the users assigned the same role will have the same settings. Changes
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