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RAID can be implemented at the hardware level, using RAID controllers, or at the software level, either by the operating system or by a third-party add-on. SBS supports both hardware RAID and its own software RAID. Hardware RAID implementations require dedicated controllers and cost somewhat more than an equivalent level of software RAID. However, for that extra price, you get a faster, more exible, and more fault-tolerant RAID. When compared to the software RAID provided in SBS 2008, a good hardware RAID controller supports more levels of RAID, on-the- y recon guration of the arrays, hot-swap and hot-spare drives (discussed later in this chapter), and dedicated caching of both reads and writes. Software RAID requires that you convert your disks to dynamic disks. Converting your boot disk (C drive) is probably not a good idea. Dynamic disks can be more dif cult to access if a problem occurs, and the SBS setup and installation program provides only limited support. For maximum fault tolerance, we recommend using hardware mirroring (RAID 1) on your system drive; if you do use software mirroring, make sure your disaster recovery scenarios fully encompass booting from the second disk of a failed mirror. Or just say no to having your boot disk as part of a software RAID array.
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Team Build Deep Dive
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Click Existing Contact and then click Browse to open the Select Contact dialog box shown in Figure 18-11. You ll see a list of all Active Directory contacts that are not currently mail-enabled.
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Request, ACK
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1. 0 Average Defects
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In most common cases, though, you don t handle any of these events. The most common use for the Login control is to set up the user interface of the login page for use with Forms authentication. The form itself performs membership authentication, displays error messages, and redirects to the originally requested page when the login is successful.
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Table 11-10. The Overloaded Versions of the MoveToAttribute Method
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Deploying Site-to-Site VPNs |
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When installing any Team Foundation Server component, you should download and refer to the latest version of the Team Foundation Server Installation Guide from fwlink/ LinkId=79226. The installation process for Team Build is quite simple: 1. Insert the installation media. 2. Select Team Foundation Build from the Team Foundation Server Setup page. 3. Follow the installation wizard. 4. Add the Team Build service account to the Team Project s Build Services security group. Instructions on how to do this can be found in Team Build Security later in this chapter.
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