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private void SomeMethod() { Boolean lockTaken = false; try { // Monitor.Enter(this, ref lockTaken); // This code has exclusive access to the data... } finally { if (lockTaken) Monitor.Exit(this); } }
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Navigate to the SBSComputers OU, as shown in Figure 25-1. Select the server that will be the terminal server and drag it to the SBSServers OU. You ll be warned about moving objects in Active Directory, as shown in Figure 25-2. Click Yes to con rm you want to move the object.
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Create a Folder to Store the Web Part
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syntactical shortcut that has the compiler infer the specific data type from an expression . The var keyword can be used only for declaring local variables inside a method while the dynamic keyword can be used for local variables, fields, and arguments . You cannot cast an expression to var, but you can cast an expression to dynamic . You must explicitly initialize a variable declared using var while you do not have to initialize a variable declared with dynamic . For more information about C# s dynamic type, see the The dynamic Primitive Type section in 5 .
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4. You are experiencing a delay when you connect to a remote Web site. Which tool allows you to determine whether particular routers are responsible for the delay a. Netdiag b. Network Diagnostics c. Tracert d. PathPing
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Firewall and Network Access Protection
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DECLARE @root AS INT = 1; WITH Subs AS ( SELECT empid, empname, salary, 0 AS lvl, -- Path of root = 1 (binary) CAST(1 AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS sort_path FROM dbo.Employees WHERE empid = @root UNION ALL SELECT C.empid, C.empname, C.salary, P.lvl + 1, -- Path of child = parent's path + child row number (binary) P.sort_path + CAST( ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY C.mgrid ORDER BY C.salary) -- sort col(s) AS BINARY(4)) FROM Subs AS P JOIN dbo.Employees AS C ON C.mgrid = P.empid )
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<%@ Page Language="C# masterpagefile="booksample.master %> <script runat="server"> void OnButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e) { msg.Text = Hello, Master Pages"; } </script> <asp:content runat="server contentplaceholderID="PageBody"> <div> <h1>This is the body of the page</h1> <asp:button runat="server text="Click Me onclick="OnButtonClick /> <asp:label runat="server id="msg /> </div> </asp:content>
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You will get back the value Version 1 . This is the latest consistent state of the data that was available when the SELECT statement started . Commit the transaction in connection 1:
Value type constructors work quite differently from reference type constructors. First, the CLR doesn t require value types to have any constructor methods defined within them. In fact, many compilers (including C#) don t give value types default parameterless constructors. The reason for the difference is that value types can be implicitly created. Examine the following code:
public interface System.Collections.IEnumerable { IEnumerator GetEnumerator(); }
By using the pubid argument (PUBLIC attribute in XML code), you can reinforce the identification of the resource by also using a location-independent public name for it, as shown here: <!DOCTYPE MyDoc PUBLIC "MyDtd" "http://server/file.dtd" > You can use SYSTEM without PUBLIC, or both, or neither. You can't use PUBLIC alone. You use the WriteDocType method to insert a reference to an in-line or external DTD file to be used for validation purposes. Alternatively, you can use the WriteDocType method to insert entity definitions. In this case, specify null values for both sysid and pubid arguments. The following XML code creates an entity named dinoe that evaluates to "Dino Esposito": writer.WriteDocType( "MyDef", null, null, "<!ENTITY dinoe 'Dino Esposito'>"); The resulting XML text looks like this: <!DOCTYPE MyDef[<!ENTITY dinoe 'Dino Esposito'>]> An entity declaration defines a macro to access pieces of XML text using a symbolic name. When a previously defined entity is then used in code, another method does the job of expanding the content WriteEntityRef. (More on this expansion in the next section.) Writing Element Nodes and Attributes The .NET XML API provides two methods for writing nodes. You use the WriteElementString method if you need to write a simple node around some text. You use the WriteStartElement/WriteEndElement pair if you need to specify attributes or if you need to control what's written as the body of the node. The following instruction creates a node named MyNode and wraps it around the specified text. If needed, the method also provides an overload in which you can add namespace information. writer.WriteElementString("MyNode", "Sample text"); The output looks like this: <MyNode>Sample text</MyNode> By writing the start tag and the end tag of an element node as distinct pieces, you can add attributes, reference entities, and create CDATA sections. Here's how: // Open the document writer.WriteStartDocument(); // Write DOCTYPE and entities writer.WriteDocType("MyDef", null, null, "<!ENTITY I 'Italy'><!ENTITY I-Capital 'Rome'>"); 124
Note There are both client and server requirements for web parts created with the Spreadsheet Web Part
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Creating Your Own Client Callbacks
The first number is 3 and the second is 1 The first number is three and the second is one
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