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Win32 Thread ID ThreadObj State PreEmptive GC GC Context Domain Lock Count APT Exception Alloc
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printf("HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\n\r\n"); printf("<HTML>\r\n<HEAD>"); printf("<TITLE>Hello CGI World</TITLE></HEAD>\r\n"); printf("<BODY>\r\n<CENTER><H3>Hello CGI World</H3></CENTER>"); printf("<BR>\r\n</BODY>\r\n"); printf("</HTML>\r\ n"); return 0; }
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I ve already mentioned that when you build a solution that contains a WDP, the WDP will also be built automatically, if it is enabled for that Con guration. You can also use msbuild. exe to manually build the WDP as you would any other MSBuild project le. When you build the WDP, you will notice that all the les that are contained in or under the source root for your Web application will be included in the deployment. The source root is captured in the SourceWebPhysicalPath property. This is because WDPs can support either Web sites or Web applications. If you would like to exclude les from being included in the deployment, you can use the ExcludeFromBuild item. For instance, in the WebApplication1_02.csproj_deploy.wdproj le, which extends the previous example, the following customizations have been inserted.
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Internet Protocol Security (IPSec). An architecture, a protocol, and a
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802.11n AP, 32 users per AP
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The next group of settings on the ICT Wizard is used to set how updates are handled and what feedback is sent to Microsoft. The rst setting in this section of the ICT Wizard is to actually con gure what settings are used for updates and feedback. You can make three basic choices when you click Enable Automatic Updating And Feedback on the ICT Wizard: Windows and Microsoft Update settings Windows Error Reporting settings Customer Experience Improvement Program settings To con gure these settings, follow these steps:
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FigURE 8-23 Using the User Interface editor to add pages to a setup wizard.
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void Send_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { }
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Playing and Organizing a Digital Music Collection
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Part II
Later in this chapter, I ll offer some guidelines for when you should use each of these techniques . If you choose either of the first two techniques, you re throwing an exception, and the CLR behaves just as it did before: It walks up the call stack looking for a catch block whose type matches the type of the exception thrown . If you pick the last technique, when the thread falls out of the bottom of the catch block, it immediately starts executing code contained in the finally block (if one exists) . After all of the code in the finally block executes, the thread drops out of the finally block and starts executing the statements immediately following the finally block . If no finally block exists, the thread continues execution at the statement following the last catch block . In C#, you can specify a variable name after a catch type . When an exception is caught, this variable refers to the System.Exception-derived object that was thrown . The catch block s code can reference this variable to access information specific to the exception (such as the stack trace leading up to the exception) . Although it s possible to modify this object, you shouldn t; consider the object to be read-only . I ll explain the Exception type and what you can do with it later in this chapter . Note Your code can register with AppDomain s FirstChanceException event to receive notifications as soon as an exception occurs within an AppDomain . This notification occurs before the CLR searches for any catch blocks . For more information about this event, see 22, CLR Hosting and AppDomains .
VPN Deployment
Custom Loggers
figure 7 Configuration of the Database trace listener
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