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Microsoft s CLR team knows about this delegate limitation and is considering ways to allow delegates with the same signature to be equivalent in a future version of the CLR . Due to this limitation, a different class has to be defined for each delegate s type . I already showed you the WeakEventHandler type that corresponds to the EventHandler delegate . I also have a WeakEventHandler<TEventArgs> type that corresponds to the EventHandler<TEventArgs> delegate type:
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Are related statements grouped together Have relatively independent groups of statements been packaged into their own routines Does the normal case follow the if rather than the else Are control structures simple so that they minimize complexity Does each loop perform one and only one function, as a well-defined routine would Is nesting minimized Have boolean expressions been simplified by using additional boolean variables, boolean functions, and decision tables
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msbuild ..\..\..\Fundamentals\Properties04.proj /l:XmlLogger,Examples.Loggers.dll
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FIguRE 14-1 String sorting results
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Open the Example 2 worksheet shown in Figure 9-2: each time F9 is pressed, the column that displays the highest value is automatically capped by an orange dot . This is quite helpful for presentations when the values are close together; that is, they can t be immediately and clearly distinguished, and you want to highlight the maximum value .)
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You will place the ShoppingCart.dll file in the Bin folder. You will place the data-base files in the App_Data folder. The wrapper file (ShoppingCartWrapper.cs or ShoppingCartWrapper.vb) will be placed in the site s App_Code directory. A primary benefit to adhering to the ASP.NET folder structure is that these folders are secured. A user who attempts to browse to any of these folders will receive an HTTP 403 Forbidden error.
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Remote access typically occurs through either a dial-up or a VPN connection. In this lesson, the steps necessary to configure remote access addressing and authentica tion are presented in the context of dial-up networking. Figure 10-1 illustrates this type of scenario.
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use to validate returning inbound traffic .
Hosted Servers
Both gross sales and sales per customer have risen considerably . The total number of products has decreased while the quality of the products has improved . The company has planned for and accepted an associated rise in manufacturing costs . The total number of high-revenue A customers has risen while the total number of lower-revenue B and C customers has fallen . The accompanying fall in the total number of customers has also caused considerably reduced management costs .
Windows Security Fundamentals
IP address pools must be configured at the VPN server, the Chicago router, and the Phoenix router as shown in the following sections.
The TOP option is T-SQL specific and is not relational.
Figure 6-3
Aggregating and Pivoting Data
Setting Up a TV Tuner (or Tuners)
In a small organization, the need for separation of administrative duties among Exchange administrators, Windows Firewall administrators, and Live Communication Server (or Unified Communication Server) duties is not as acute as it is in larger organizations, largely because there is generally only one IT administrator. It is still a best practice to use multiple accounts with least privilege, but this is generally more difficult to implement than is worthwhile.
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